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Problems with Victor 86B DMM temp readout.

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  • Problems with Victor 86B DMM temp readout.

    I suspect my Victor MM may have given up the ghost.

    When I set up to roast a couple of days ago it would not respond, the display turned on however remained static and would not respond to temp changes.

    Thought it may have been the fuse, pulled it apart and replaced the 500mA fuse (it was blown) still no luck.

    Now when I turn it to temp range it cycles from 7.6c up to about 297C then finishes with the display showing four zero's.

    Any thoughts? I suspect I'm up for a new one.

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    How about the temp probe cables? Are they securely plugged in? This happened to me this morning. Temp wasn't changing. I jiggled something and suddenly away it went. Can't say for certain what it was.


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      Thanks for the reply Flynn.

      Yep, checked the cables, even read the instructions, to no avail.

      Thought I would ask the question before ordering a new one.


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        Could it be the thermocouple is kaput? Have you tried the other DMM functions?


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          Originally posted by flynnaus View Post
          Could it be the thermocouple is kaput? Have you tried the other DMM functions?
          A quick check to determine if it's the meter or the t/c, is to remove the t/c from the meter and check the temp being indicated on the display without the t/c. Should read what ever the ambient temp. is, if not, the meter is cactus...



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            Thanks Mal, I suspected as much, time to do some shopping.


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              Just ordered a new one on Bean Bay along with a selection of green beans.


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                FWIW used my new DMM for the first time yesterday, seems the calibration is very close to the old meter, FC at near enough to 200° and as usual finished at approx 225°, so nothing much has changed.

                As a matter of interest the old probe worked in the new DMM, so seems the old meter was cactus.