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Help please, how to change Behmor bulb?

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  • Help please, how to change Behmor bulb?

    Hi CS's,

    I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me out please. I do feel a bit stupid asking this question, but I'm struggling to work out how to replace the bulb in my Behmor.

    I'm able to take the glass plate off, but then I'm can't work out if I need to twist, pull, or push & then pull the bulb out. And I'm concerned that if I use too much force I might accidentally break the bulb in the holder.

    Could someone please help me out? I'd love some advice and also any tips on where to buy a replacement.

    Thanks so much in advance,

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    Just pulled bulb out today, actually searching to see whats best option for a replacement (since i can only seem to find a 15w or 25w)

    As for removing the bulb, its an edison (screw in type) so it needs to be unscrewed anticlockwise. It was to tight for me to unscrew, so I had to remove the Behmor's side cover so i could hold the top of the light cover steady while unscrewing it

    anyone know best option as a replacement? im assuming its a E14 but as mentioned locally i seem to only find 15w or 25w


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      Thanks so much LorraineLavers for the tip to take it out.
      Hopefully we'll find out what the best option is to replace it with.


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        I just changed mine this week. Apparently slamming door shut to dislodge all the hidey bits if chaff was a bad idea (dope). Couldn't get it at 'big green shop' but was able to get one from a specialty light store no probs. it's a 25 watt though and is working fine touch wood. Glass came out with a little jiggle after taking the two screws out. Was working with a torch for a while there!


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          Found the little box too...
          It's a 'Crompton Lighting' (brand). 25watt Microwave E17 clear.
          Pilot T22. Code 10225. (Nil idea what all that means)
          That's what I've thrown in anyway!
          Good luck.


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            Awesome. Thanks Daledugahole.


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              Is it possible to get a brighter light in there? maybe a 40W ?


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                This was a 5.5 year old conversation.

                I doubt you'll get a 40w, these are high temperature "microwave oven" globes but you might find something else that could work.