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  • Hottop Roaster B or P

    Hi Guys,

    I've been on the forum lurking for information but havent really contributing. I currently have my expobar minore and my mazer SJ Doser. I want to get serious about coffee and would like to start roasting them at home. I believe if you want to start always start right the first time everytime.

    But I've basically got my research down to Hottop but don't know which one to go for B or P. I understand that 1 is programmable but I've also got mix answer about the usefulness vs the $$$ extra that you have to pay for a P.

    Which would you get? I am quite set about P model but I like to do myself justice and ask the question and hope to hear from you experts about making my choice?


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    Both are programmable, but the B has only 3 program locations vs I think 9 for the P. If you want more control over your roast, and are using it to learn roasting and all its idiosyncrasies then I suggest you get the B model. The P model I believe is better suited to a more automated style roasting. Personally I'm not sure how well "automated" pans out in the end. I used a B model (older V to the current) for 3 years or so before I upgraded to something more commercial, and was very happy with the results and as a tool to learn how to roast. As a gauge, I think was getting good results by my 3rd roast, just following their demo program, and doing lots of reading.

    PS - Mine was fitted with a thermocouple etc and I used the CS Roast Monitor to more easily manage the roasts

    Good luck with your choice.

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      Hi Graham,
      Well said mate.
      Not sure if this helps but I have 2 B models roaster on special.
      1 x Ex demo, about a year old, 3 months warranty $750
      1 x Ex demo, 5 roasts old, 12 months warranty $990
      email me if interested


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        Just an update, I have decided to buy hottop B instead of P as many are telling me that B is better. All thanks for mark from thingscoffee! hooked me up with an excellent deal!! I can't wait to get it hopefully today.

        I have ordered alot of green beans to start roasting on the weekend

        I've ordered
        Brazil Santos x 2 kg
        Costa Rica Tarrazu x 2 kg
        Guatemala Antigue "Los Volcanoes" 2 kg
        Indian Monsoon Malabar Arabica 1 kg
        Guatemala Huehuetenango 'Tres Marias' x 1 kg
        Uganda Bigusu 1 kg


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          Just want to update on my journey or roasting, I have finally received the roaster today after so much dramas with the courier company.

          First impression was after opening the box ,I recognise that it is very solid built and smaller than expected. So first thing first is to read the manual as instructed repeatedly by the notes that Mark has provide. Shortly and surely after reading what the buttons meant, I was very eager to start roasting.

          So I decided 200g of Uganda Bigusu will be my first step. (Fortunately I did read pass the important page about the heating element and fan element vs temp and time) So I started with Auto mode that sets it to 18 mins and 420f. Being auto mode I would assume that the fan and heating element settings are set to auto, big mistake as after hearing the first crack at 8.30minutes(which i was very excited) then shortly after that not realising the that when the machine reaches 420f there is no option but the beans will be ejected regardless(I was shock but of course I did not read the manual remember! Silly) . So I ended up with a medium-city roast after 9.20minute. I must say I was disappointed but I will persevere and try again.

          So second time around I start following the roasting profile that was provided. First crack was 9.30m and second crack was at 13.20m. I was very happy with colour of the beans but only time will tell about the cuppa

          To be continued.