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Behmor drum getting stuck & stopping

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  • Behmor drum getting stuck & stopping

    Hi not sure if anyone else has had this issue but my beans drum gets stuck on the chaff catching in the bottom of my Behmor. It seems to do it as it heats up (after about 3/4 mins). It gets caught somewhere on it and stops turning all together.

    I have spend quite some time looking to find where it is catching up can't find it, I've run it without beans to see and I can't find it. It looks like the "veins" (no idea what they are called) that fold down and up in the chaff catching have bowed slight and I think this is where it's catching, but can't find it. And being they are heavy duty steal not easily modified.
    So for the past 2 years I run it without the chaff catcher and vacuum out the chaff part way through at at end.

    Has anyone else had this problem??

    Thanks all.


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    Yep definitely have the same issue - gets caught on the clasp causing an almighty mess and a wasted batch. I use the same solution without much fuss.

    Mine's a few years old now, so perhaps this is something sorted out in the latest model.


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      There is no known problem with the chaff tray touching the drum but it should be pretty easy to fix... although trickier via a keyboard.

      I would be looking at the width of the chaff tray as maybe the problem, if you have too much lateral movement it could possibly catch the catch on the old model. The fix would be to gently bend the left and right sides of the chaff tray out to make sure it clears the drum. Also make sure that the tray is inserted all the way to the back.


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        That's Andy. Will check it out later. It looked the same as it was when I got it. Dean I now remember that's a spot where it used to catch. I even filed off some of the tray to allow more space but no luck.


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          I have the latest model and no such issue


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            i had this problem especially with small beans; i have not used the chaff collector for over 6 months now and no problem.

            Mind you I am roasting in the carport and just brush out the chaff and let the wind do the rest.

            I am also convinced i get a hotter better roast without the collector in place. older BM 1600 model.