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can i roast beans in my oven

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  • can i roast beans in my oven

    Can i buy some green beans (berries) and roast them in my oven and at what temperature and for how long. And where would I get the unroasted beans in perth. Like you say on the website coffee beans roasted and consumed within a few days are the best. Had a lot of bad supermarket coffee beans.

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    Do that .......and things are about to get worse!

    Welcome to posting steve!

    Short answer ( leaving 'berries' beans are actually seeds) is yes.

    Will they be drinkable ..... no.

    Have a read through the threads in this sub-forum and in 'Home Roasting; tips, tricks and ideas' sub-forum.

    You would be more likely to achieve a usable outcome if you used a wok or cast iron skillet and wooden spoon.


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      Get a popper to start with....
      Try searching fro info on Corettos....


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        Roasting a bean in your oven can be possible. But to make it work, you must follow this instruction.


        · For vegetable steamer, place on cookie sheet and cover with coffee beans spread only one layer deep. Have all your supplies within reach. For perforated pan or wire mesh collander spread beans evenly one layer deep, close together, no cookie pan underneath.
        · Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Use oven thermometer to be sure.
        · Place beans on middle shelf. Wait about 5-7 minutes for the "first crack", then 2 minutes more to start checking for color. Crack the oven open quickly if you must. Oven roasting is slower than other methods, but if it takes more than 12 minutes to reach the medium brown color then you should turn up the heat to 520-530 as the initial temperature for the next batch. If a batch takes more than 20 minutes it will taste flat.
        · If you're using a mesh collander, I recommend opening the oven every 1 minute and shaking the beans around. Try to do it quickly and not let too much heat escape.
        · Put on those oven mitts, and dump the beans into the collander.
        · You want to pour the beans out when they are a tad lighter than the color you desire, since roasting continues until beans are cool.
        · Agitate beans in metal collander or bowl with a big spoon until they are warm to your touch. You may need oven mitts for this. You may want to walk out to a porch to aid cooling and let the chaff blow away. Otherwise, you'll want to keep the collander over the sink.
        · If beans have chaff still attached to them, simply agitating them in the collander should remove it. Blow lightly on the beans while shaking them and the chaff will fly off.
        · Coffee should be stored out of direct light (and not in a fridge or freezer) in an airtight glass jar, but with a fresh roast, wait 12 hours to seal the jar tightly; it needs to vent off C02.
        · Warm, fresh roasted beans are wonderful, but the coffee attains its peak 4 to 24 hours after roasting. If you store it as recommended, we'll call it fresh for 6 days. When you open that jar in the morning, you will know what fresh coffee truly is.
        Hope it helps you!


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          Peak at 4 to 24 hours after roasting hey? I better go back to the drawing board.


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            Hey there NikoleWare... any chance you're related to RayT?


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              Yeh, they copied this one from SweetMarias.....the post in the other thread from a Breville manual (for the wrong machine).......


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                How's the roast consistency?

                It seems very unlikely to get an even roast in it...

                Maybe u should scan the surface colours with an agtron spectrophotometer?


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                  Hey there Ray... you're being ludicrous... yet again.
                  A man roasting beans in an oven would be VERY unlikely to have access to Agtron roast analysis equipment and... you would know that if you really knew what you were on about.
                  Please do us all a huge favour and think a wee bit more before submitting the shiny new word or phrase you just randomly found on Google.
                  Being ludicrous is fine... but try to keep it amusing rather than tedious.


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                    Originally posted by Vinitasse View Post
                    Hey there NikoleWare... any chance you're related to RayT?
                    No, I am not related to RayT...


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                      Originally posted by NikoleWare View Post
                      No, I am not related to RayT...
                      In that case, I owe you a very sincere apology.


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                        No worries Vinitasse... It's okay