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Gene Cafe -replacing rubber stop thingy on blade

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  • Gene Cafe -replacing rubber stop thingy on blade

    Hi All,

    I have had my Gene Cafe for less than 3 months, and yesterday while roasting, I noticed two little black things among the still green beans in the roasting chamber. So I stopped the roast, and those little black things turned out to be two halves of the rubber stop from the blade. The machine came with two spares, so I replaced it, dumped the beans and then roasted a fresh batch. Given than the machine has only roasted about 10 batches, I'm a bit concerned about getting additional parts. I can't find online anywhere that seems to sell them. So, my questions to other Gene Cafe owners are :

    1. Have you needed to replace the rubber thing, and if so how often ?
    2. Have you been able to source a supplier of new ones ?
    3. Is there something else I can use instead ?
    4. Aside from the sound (without it, it sounds like a single bean FC each time the drum rotates ) are there any implications for using the roaster without the rubber thing ?

    If anyone can help with any of the questions, I would be really grateful.

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    Avacuppa is the importer and they have the rubber bumper- even though it's not listed that I can see on their website. You might need to send an email or call.

    Replacement and/or spare parts for Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster CBR-101


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      Thanks a lot Chris. I'll contact them tomorrow.


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        That reminds me; I have to replace mine too. Doesn't make any difference to the operation of the machine. It just makes a loud 'clack'.


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          Originally posted by ajayro57 View Post
          Doesn't make any difference to the operation of the machine. It just makes a loud 'clack'.
          Thanks for the info. Good to know !