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  • Old Royal roaster

    I can buy old Royal roaster in good condition pretty cheaply.

    Any one know how good of roaster it is?

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    Which model is it and do you have any pics?

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      Originally posted by Javaphile View Post
      Which model is it and do you have any pics?

      it is model 5, sorry did not take picture


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        The early Royals were nut roasters and apparently have some issues doing coffee.

        As I recall the model 5 is a 25 pound batch size roaster with a minimum batch of 5 pounds.

        Is the cooling tray present along with all the fittings/piping?

        Is it the original gas train, blower, and motor or have they been refitted?

        When was it last used?

        How cheap is cheap?

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        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          Originally posted by Javadive View Post
          I can buy old Royal roaster in good condition pretty cheaply.

          Any one know how good of roaster it is?

          You havent told us what you want to do with it, and that really is the key, because the answer will differ accordingly.

          If you are into home roasting or want a project to work with and restore, perhaps *how good* a coffee roaster it is may not be all that relevant at this time.

          if you think it is a great "piece" and want it mainly for its value to you as an antiquity, again, how "good" it roasts probably doesnt matter.

          If you want it for a business to roast small batches and it is in original condition (ie never been updated in any way), I wouldnt touch it, and

          If you are an established roaster and want to have it just because you can, well by all means go for it but again, not to rely on for roasting.

          I guess my view is then, if you are just looking for a coffee roaster to do a job whether it be for home or small business use, it probably isnt for you.

          Additionally, if it is for home or "project" use, the batch size is actually way too big (but that of course is also subject to the individual). While the manufacturer may give a range of batch sizes they say the machine can be used with, that doesnt mean the machine will roast efficiently and well except at somewhere approaching the actual rated batch size given. That is.....if it is said to be a 25 pound batch size but will roast down to 5 pounds.....what that really means is it is a 25 pound roaster. Just because you can thrown less into the machine doesnt mean it will do a good job of it, and that would negate any machine with such a batch size for home use where you really may only want to roast I imagine, way way less...

          If you are a beginner at roasting, note that to roast 25 pounds in a 25 pound roaster requires you to learn a particular technique for roasting, and the minute you roast some (or any) other quantity in the same roaster, it will require you to learn another roasting technique for it to turn out any form of reasonable (and comparable) roasted coffee. Ergo, if you are trying to learn roasting on a "new" piece of equipment particularly as a beginner, you need to stick to 1 only batch size at first and learn that. This will restrict you to a 25 pound batch size where the machine is presumably most efficient, rather than say trying to learn how to do 5 pounds in it, where it is probably at its most inefficient and will throw you lots of "curve balls" that you wont (as a beginner) understand or be able to deal with.

          Ergo...if you are for example really only looking for a 5 pound roaster, buy a 5 pound roaster and learn it....NOT a 25 pound roaster that is said to roast down to 5 pounds, or you will always be confused as to what is going on when you change batch sizes..... That is exactly what pro roasters do....if they want a say 100 pound roaster, thats what they buy and thats the batch size it will be used at most of the time. The fact it may roast down to say 20 lbs is irrelevant.

          If it were offered to me I would have it in a heartbeat to display in pride of place because if its *value* to me as a piece of roasting history, and I wouldnt even bother trying to start it up because its ability to roast coffee is irrelevant to me not to mention outdated in terms of roasting machine technology nowadays...

          Not trying to put you off, just giving you some information to help you to make an informed decision for whatever you are thinking on doing with it.

          Hope that helps.
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            TOK, Great reply thank you!
            Will skip it, I have 1kg roaster for my enjoyment, and in the past had 20 lb roaster for my coffee shops. Not in this business any more.

            My wife will kill me if I will bring another large item in...


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              Glad to help, and appreciate the kind words.


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                Can't help you on the coffee issue but would like to see if you could email me as to who is selling that peanut roaster.
                I've been looking for one to restore for some time.