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2L Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle Roaster

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  • 2L Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle Roaster

    Hi All,

    Is it just me, or when you look at the following image, do you see a roaster in the making (Coke can for scale)?

    Click image for larger version

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    I plan to make a FZ RR 700 (Baby Roaster) style roaster and after considering various stainless steel bowls, funnels, etc, to use for a drum, I found this bottle. The bottle's body is about 12cm in diameter and it has a wide mouth for easy access. It's pretty big, so maybe it will be able to comfortably handle larger batches than the Baby Roaster. If it can do 350g then I'll be stoked.

    Now the fun begins. So many design options, yet only two bottles to play with... I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    The bottles were sourced from eBay. Search for "2000ml stainless steel drinking bottle" and you'll find a bunch of sellers. You should be able to have it land at your front door for about $22.



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    Looks like a great idea Dan
    Just make sure they're not coated? A lot of aluminium bottles have a clear plastic coat to stop marking - not sure about the steel though.


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      Thanks Matt. Will do. It looked pretty "raw" both inside and out and the outside showed fingerprints like raw stainless does. A few cycles through the dishwasher and a burn in over a gas hob should reveal anything nasty. They're advertised as 304 stainless steel and so are food safe, but that's all that was listed about the material specs.