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Question For Behmor 1600 Owners

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  • Question For Behmor 1600 Owners


    I read in the Behmor manual that you should not roast beans that produce a high amount of chaff. But some of the nicer beans on Bean Bay do just that. So my question is, how many people have tried roasting beans that produce high quantities of chaff in the Behmor and what was the result? Are Behmor just being over pre cautious so as to cover themselves in case of warranty issues? Or is it a definite no no?



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    Sounds like more defensive language written for one of the world's most litigious societies.

    I can't speak for many of the chaffy beans on bean bay but my general rule is if taking a roast into second to never open that door during the first 20-30 seconds of cool if there is quite a lot of chaff, this is the best way I know how to start a chaff fire. Sometimes you can see a few chaff embers kicking around at the back of the oven. Before the plus upgrade I carbonised, not deliberately, plenty of beans in the Behmor and have never managed to burn our place down, even with my best attempts. I've seen on the net a few people who've incinerated the inside of their Behmors and as a result damaged the electrical internals, so I suppose it is possible, but in my opinion they must have tried really hard to to do this! I suspect a deliberate job as an excuse to upgrade.

    Maybe keep an electrical fire extinguisher handy if you have concerns? The chaff collector does a pretty good job imo.


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      I have roasted more Naturals than Washed on my slightly modded Behmor 1600 without any trouble. Naturals do produce much more chaff than washed. I suppose they can be a problem if you take it to a roast level beyond Full City Plus. How deep do you roast and what is your usual charge weight on your Behmor?


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        Hi Jojo,

        I don't roast very dark. Never more than full city plus and mostly lighter. I always roast 400 grams. Is that what you mean by charge weight?



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          I have never tried 400 grams on the Behmor. I've stuck to 323 grams as I normally buy a minimum of 5 lbs. of greens and divide then into 7 batches per load. I suppose that your charge weight of 400 grams will be fine but as they say to all of us Behmor users, Don't leave the roast unattended!


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            I have roasted up to 450 gm on my behmor. I found it started to lose consistency a tad. 312 g is my default as it divideds nicely into a 2.5 kg bag of greens.