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    Saw the results of a sample roast at Neli Coffee Roastery in Clontarf this morning from a "Handy Roaster" (Dr Mahn). The owner of Neli Coffee, who sells these, said the results were excellent, and he says he can't personally explain why they are as good as they are. Suggests it's possibly because you can see the whole roast as it's roasting, and can control the heat easily by just lifting and lowering the pan. The results I saw looked like a really nice and even roast. The pan has a lip along the top so you just swirl the beans around as they are roasting. Stainless pan with a wooden handle, looked nicely constructed. I did not do a taste test myself, but on his say-so, provided you use good quality green, you will be delighted by the outcomes. His words are that the good quality Sidamo he roasted tasted almost Geisha like. You should know however that he does obviously have a vested interest.

    However for just under $70.00 it sounds like a good bit of fun and I reckon this could be a nice cheap and effective introduction to roasting, and looks easier to control than a popper. Works probably best with a gas burner, and those small camping units work well apparently.

    Note: I have no personal or financial interest, just popped in there this week while taking the Bonneville out for a spin. I rate his coffee highly, so stop in there on occasions when I'm out Redcliffe way for great coffee.


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    Just read your post and had a look on Youtube. A fancy frying pan, simple process, roast by colour maybe? Some beans have a very soft crack sound so you would need to be very handy at catching the start of 2nd crack. Its cheap, but more than a standard frying pan that would do basically the same job. Thanks for posting.


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      Has a bit more to it than a std frying pan. Holes to start with, and what you cannot see from the video are the "bumps" designed into the bottom that assist in stirring the beans properly, as well as the lip around the top which keep the beans inside. But yes the procedure is similar.



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        I see myself doing a roast over a camp stove whilst camping. That would be handy (as long as no lit chaff starts a bushfire)...but not likely in my kitchen indoors as the youtube clip is suggesting...the mess of the burnt chaff is evident in the video. Maybe an outdoor kitchen would be ideal.


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          Javaphile and I saw this at SCAA in Seattle when they released it, it's cute and as saoye suggests would be fine outside (or over coals on a campfire).

          I'm not really convinced it's better than a popper for those starting their roasting journey, and anything that relies on manual agitation both gets tired quickly and sets you up for random results.

          The main reason I didn't import them was the packaging is more suited to retail sales and wouldn't ship very well without some reboxing. Having said that, I've considered getting a few for sale in BeanBay in the coming months for those that want to play.


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            Rumour has it you have one to try out with, Andy ;-)


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              Can confirm that rumour is nearly true... and might be true on Monday (the courier carded it on Friday).


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                Aw, I have welding gloves just looking for a companion like this!

                Hands would be safe from the heat.

                And there are several camp stoves quite suitable for roasting.


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                  Casually wondering if afore-mentioned roaster has arrived Chez Andy?

                  Enquiring minds are interested. LOL


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                    So rather than start another thread, I thought I'd continue here.

                    Does anyone else have a handy roaster??

                    Abject failure on my attempted outdoor roast today, could not get enough heat out of my little gas camp stove. Then came back inside to the stove top and got impatient and burnt them!

                    Have had a couple of acceptable roasts indoors on the stovetop, but it does make a mess. Just long enough for my arms to get a bit tired but not exhausted.

                    Any other experimenters?