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Advice on buying Coffee-Tech Roaster

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  • Advice on buying Coffee-Tech Roaster

    Going to have a look at 1.2kg Coffee-Tech Artgiano roaster tomorrow. The seller says he can provide training so I'm fairly confident it works as it should but even so any advice on what I should be looking for?

    How reliable are these, and parts availability? Google says they are very good but does anyone have personal experience with them?

    I'm also considering the Behmor but some friends and I are looking at producing cold brew commercially so the Behmor will (hopefully) end up being too small.

    Btw my roaster experience is almost SFA so either way it will be a learning experience.


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    Hi there,

    I have also seen this ad. Having had a Coffee tech Solar 2kg roaster. I can say these are somewhat the same but maybe a little different. I believe Coffee tech no longer make a 1.2kg roaster. Something to look out for is the elements in the roaster. Im only assuming but like the 2kg solar being also 3500W i think there will be 3 elements. If one to more are out you may need to replace them, being a smaller roaster even in size by looking at the pictures to the 2kg versions the elements maybe different (im not sure). Coffee roasters Australia or Chris at talk coffee maybe able to point you in the right direction.

    Like any roaster when buying second hand you can never completely know the condition until you use them. Being 15A you will need a power supply for a 15A plug, any good electrician can do this and the cost will depend on how far you need to run it.

    What ever condition, make sure you can get to see it working and doing a full roast.




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      The above post answers it... Coffee Roasters Australia and Talk Coffee are both site sponsors that can help and coffeechiris is having lots of fun with his roaster.

      I sell the Behmor so it might come across a little bias but if it was me I would consider starting with a $495 Behmor (delivered price) to see if you can produce something worthwhile.

      If you do have a commercially viable product then you will outgrow the 0.4kg Behmor (1kg/per hour) and the 1.2kg (3kg/per hour) roasters pretty fast and I doubt that either could yield a good wage in a commercial setting.

      Prototype on a Behmor then think big and aim for a 5kg roaster (12kg/per hour) or a 10kg roaster (24kg /per hour)


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        I agree Andy,

        We often get phone calls from people who are going to establish the next great roasting business and generally want training.

        Unlike the OP who is here for his love of coffee, so many have never seen a green bean and some don't even drink coffee!

        I suggest that they start roasting coffee at home first , avail themselves of free resources like this forum and then call in 6 months.

        Can't agree too much that a Behmor is the way to go. Walk first...

        You don't open a restaurant when you can't cook and don't enjoy food!


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          Ok, which do you think will be more reliable and produce a better result, a 10yr old coffee-tech or a new Behmor?

          Capacity wise they're realistically similar and you're right, we'll outgrow both relatively quickly all going well. At least with the Behmor, I can still use it for sample testing. Alternatively, if it all fails, I can still use the Behmor for home roasting.

          fyi today's inspection went well and a test roast is scheduled Friday but given he still occasionally uses it commercially I expect no surprises. And he's happy to teach me how to roast so that's a bonus.

          I might see if I can get a better price otherwise I may go with the Behmor option.


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            I have a Torrefattore 2kg by Coffee Tech and have had no problems with it over five years, the 1.2 would be ideal for home/hobby roasting but as Andy and Chris stated, it would not be sufficient for any volume.
            Roasting is a steep learning curve, learn to walk before you start running--good luck and happy roasting!!
            cheers Trevor


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              Thanks for the input guys. I think I'll have chat to the seller. If he is willing to let the Coffee-tech go for a song then I may reconsider but otherwise I'll go with the majority and get something smaller.