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  • Type B Gas specs

    I am looking to have a roaster installed and was hoping to get a head start before getting in a Type B Gas fitter.

    I am trying to find info about Type B specs - things like ventilation requirements etc, so that I can get these done first.

    Does anyone know where I can find this?

    Also, any recommendations for a Type B Gas Fitter in the Dandenong Ranges?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Not much help but... seeing that you are in Victoria the standards are set by:

    Energy Safe Victoria (ESV)
    Energy Safe Victoria - Home Page

    Definitions: Type A and Type B appliance definitions

    Apart from needing a Type-B plumber you will also need an electrician to provide a circuit diagram and sign-off on the wiring, both of these are then given to the ESV inspector with the application form and he will visit the site and make sure it passes.

    Ventilation, gas pipe installation (or bottle placement including chains to fit them to a wall), safety cut-outs, gas flow switches, wiring type and ratings and burner output emissions are all checked by the ESV inspector before he will tag the machine.

    You could try and navigate the rabbit warren that is the ESV website or just get your Type-B plumber in to get you started. I suspect it will be much faster to bite the bullet and pay him, getting advice from us novices who have done it before is likely to leave you with a long list of to-do's anyway.

    Good luck!


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      Hi hyoshidan,

      Google btypegas. They do great work.


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        Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
        Hi hyoshidan,

        Google btypegas. They do great work.
        Google the above and give Mick a ring. Nice bloke. B-Type gas fitters are like hen's teeth, there is one in Wandin but he's Mick's other son and will only

        tell you to ring Mick.

        There's not a lot you can do beforehand and it'd be a waste of time if you started carving holes in your wall only

        to be told to do them again, differently. About the only thing I could recommend is to contact Mark at Coffee Roasters Australia and ask him

        for a pdf of your roaster's specs.... ( given that I know which roaster you have;-) ). Make sure you have these before you contact Mick.

        Like Andy says, ESV is the governing authority but they may or may not conduct an inspection prior to or at commissioning ( but they reserve the right

        to inspect at any time). I've been involved with two roaster commissionings and ESV didn't attend either.

        The plumber is responsible for the job and answerable to ESV, so let them run the job from there start . Even if the plumber let's you outsource

        some of the work, or even do it yourself (the holes), it is their signature on the paperwork.


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          Thanks for all the advice!
          I reckon I might just skip the DIY now and get the plumber in from the start.