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  • Barth "Ball" Roaster experience

    Hi everybody,

    I'm currently in search of a roaster machine for months... I'm kind of picky and I don't want to buy the first machine that should fit my needs. After reviewing and evaluating most known brands like Probat, Diedrich and Giesen, I decided to get an other direction, because of the cost, of the machine itself and mostly because a brand new and fully priced machine doesn't fit properly with my approach and the way I do things in my business.

    Before any further, I'm located in Switzerland and I'm lokking for a roaster between 3 and 10 kilos of capacity. I know some of you will say " you have to better evaluate your needs..." but in fact my needs are quite variable and they will be adapted to the choice of the roaster.

    After looking throught the second hand market and the vintage model, I decided to start looking for a good old vintage machine but as you know, the price are really high especially for a probat or Gothot and even for much uncommon brand like Otto Swadlo for example.

    During my quest I decided to focus on non-Italian machine because of their specific (On/OFF) heat management and also because an Italian vintage machine is usually in Italy and trust me, dealing with an Italian is not an easy way to make business.

    And then, I decided to focus on a specific model from a specific brand, the Barth Oekonom series :


    I have the original brochure of the manufacturer, it says that thanks to specific design, the batch size could be reduce up to 10% of normal capacity, this is an indirect heated drum with manual air flow damper.

    It's common to find reference of this machine as cocoa roaster but it was designed for coffee, as a personnal preference, I love the design of the machine.

    My question for you guys is to know if anybody has an experience with ball roasters for coffee roasting, any experience of refurbishment or settings or anything that could be useful...

    Thank's in advance!

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    I love the look of it!

    Java "Good luck with it!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Try talking to Daniel Badilatti in Zuoz at Café Badilatti he has a great collection of old roasters in their museum.
      They are 3rd generation roasters so possibly ran similar equipment at one stage.
      He has a larger version Barth out the front of his café / roastery in Zuoz which I think they used for many years, see photos attached

      Where are you located in Switzerland ? You could also talk to Schwarzenbach in Zurich they could possibly link you up with someone
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        Ohh Thank you very much Beanz! I'm close to Lausanne and I will definitely spend a week-end at Les Grisons soon!


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          I have sent you a link via PM