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Buhler tm60 - experiences?

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  • Buhler tm60 - experiences?

    Hi all,

    New to the forum and am currently opening my micro roastery. I'm currently using a toper cafemino and I'm not impreased sofar with drum roasting. My question is, has anyone had experience with a buhler tm60 dual convection/drum?

    What are your results?
    Do you get the wow factor roast results?
    What would you change or would like to see improved in them?

    Any advice is much appreciated


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    Welcome to the forum Newton.

    So you are using a 1kg roaster and not impressed with the results yet are considering buying a $100,000 60kg roaster for a "micro roastery"? Odd.

    I would suggest trying to get something better from the roaster you have, it will be far cheaper and easier to experiment and learn in one kilo lots than to dump a bag of beans on each of your learning to roast roasts.

    I'm of the opinion that someone that understands coffee roasting can roast in a steel rubbish bin with a blow torch and still get good results so I doubt there is something inherently wrong with your Toper. Maybe have a look at the HeatSnob as it will show you what's going on in your roaster and might help improve the results you are getting.


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      Hi Andy,

      It may seem as odd as there is more to the story than what I had posted (just to keep it short).

      My market position (too long a stroy to elaborate) will allow me the chance to perfect my roast and achieve the better quaility product, something I have been experiencing in the last few days. In saying that I don't envisage the use of the same machine for a very long time and this is just forward planning on my part and research for the next machine. I didn't know the costs and this was more of putting my feelers out there.

      Now that I have explained myself! I have been also looking at other similar options such as the probat LPxx seriers which are a cheaper and supberb machine that delivers excellent product.

      Now to sum up, has anyone had experience with the buhler tm60 or probat LP series, information is key.

      Thank you


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        Hi Andy

        I want to purchase one of the heatsnob units from you. I have moved to lebanon and my business is here, getting thing into this country takes forever as cuatoms just take their time. My parents are leaving sydney to visit me on thuraday and they can bring one unit with them.

        Are you in sydney? Can i purchase one unit and have a family member pick it up.

        They live in montrery and their shop is in mascot.



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          Coffeesnobs is in Geelong, Victoria. About 1000km from Sydney. You could get it express posted/couriered to your parents in Sydney.

          Best to send Andy an email so you don't miss the boat.