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  • Thermocouples

    Standard off the shelf thermocouples are not always available to fit the roasting equipment we use.
    If you can supply the specifications for the probes required they can be made to order.
    I recently ordered custom K Type probes to suit my Quest M3 roaster.
    A 1.5mm diameter thermocouple was specified to ensure a fast response for MET. This probe can be thin as it is not in contact with the beans and so has no need to be as robust.
    A thicker 3mm diameter probe was specified for the BT probe so it could handle the constant movement of the beans. A thicker probe may be specified in larger or commercial roasters to handle the constant movement of the higher volume of beans.
    Custom probe lengths and cable lengths can be specified to suit your application. I used a cable shielded with a metal braid in order to screen the cable from noise generated by the control circuit supplying power to the fan and heating elements. This reduces the chance of electrical noise interfering with the roasting software I use.
    Different mounting threads or fixing methods can be made to order.
    Industrial Thermocouple Supplies in Coffs Harbour were able to work from the drawings and details I supplied and manufactured the probes in the attached photo’s which fit the Quest.
    If you cannot find a probe off the shelf to do what you want consider having a custom probe made.
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    Not sure if it's the same guys but I use a mob in Thomastown who go by the same name.

    These types of thermocouples are quite cheap and can usually be made up in a few days.


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      Yes it is the same company. They manufacture thermocouples in Coffs Harbour and Thomastown.

      I agree delivery was very fast especially considering mine were made to order custom probes.