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HeatGun PreBUY Questions!

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  • HeatGun PreBUY Questions!

    so after short time stovetop method roasting i want to up my game and im willing to buy a heatgun to roast coffee beans.. keeping in mind my preference would be 100gm/batch size kindly guide me abit on heatguns, and also tell me the limit of gms/batch i can go with heatgun..

    so im in talks with a guy who is selling cheap new heatgun that is of 1400w.. is 1400w enough for roasting coffee?

    considering sunny climate at 27-30C in how many mins can i roast 100gm batch wit this 1400w heatgun..

    also most importantly can heatgun provide me a v.even roast(i will keep agitating the beans)

    And can i keep my heat gun running for 10-15 mins straight without gap? because this heat gun would be unbranded and i havnt used aa heatgun before so i dont know my limits...

    the seller says this.. "It can be used with three positions, 0 stop, I temperature 400 °C, and II temperature 590 °C." thou i think the temp stats would be abit lower than stated..

    please reply..

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    This thread may be helpful...



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      Originally posted by Dimal View Post
      thanks dimal, its an interesting thread but it doesnt have much info regarding coffee bean status when roasted with these heatguns.. as i already have chosen which heatgun ill buy i need to get answers specifc to this..

      as for watts/heatgun i see most of them posted 1800-2000w heatguns which makes me worry can i use 1400w HG for this purpose.. but i have read in many american product reviews that 1200w is enough for their work.. so kindly also clearify this


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        Your HG should be fine for the small batch sizes you've nominated...

        As when trying any different form of roasting, you will have to "suck it and see" with the new HG until you've got it all sussed out. That's what most of us do or have done...



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          did my first roast with it..
          was not that good as excepted as it was my first time using it so alot of parameters were new, forgot to keep a cloth with me so had to stop a few times and most importantly i had to halt the process for 2 mins as i had a urgent thing to do...