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  • Behmor 1600 Plus - International Shipping

    My iCoffee recently broke down. The ladle no makes contact with the motor hence it no longer spins. Upon inspection, the motor casing became brittle and broke into small pieces. Was a good machine for about 5 years. Now I'm looking at the Behmor 1600 plus but I can't find any retailers (from Behmor site) that will ship to Thailand. Anyone know of a retailer that is willing to ship internationally? My only other option is those Korean roaster machines from eBay, but have not heard any reviews on them. I can't go back to purchasing roasted coffee!

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    You can email Behmor's Hong Kong distributor or checkout their website. Just Google "Behmor Hong Kong".


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      Try contacting Andy, my mate in Bangkok is happily roasting using a Behmor thanks to Andy


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        Thanks. I already contacted Glory Coffee which I believe is the Hong Kong distributor, but they only ship locally. I saw an Indonesian supplier from, but I think its probably a scam as its selling for less than 200 USD. Probably a clone.


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          Yes, we ship these all over the 220v/240v world (nearly every day of the week into Europe and Asia).

          Use the [contact us] and we will sort a quote.

          PS: There are no Indo distributors so yes, that one is certainly a scam.


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            Great Andy! I have contacted you for a quote.


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              Good to know that Andy can ship the Behmor products out overseas from Australia. Too bad for me he doesn't do it for greens too!