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Gene Cafe dead--new roaster recommendations?

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  • Gene Cafe dead--new roaster recommendations?

    Hi all,

    My Gene Cafe from 2007 has died for the second time in a few months--this time just dead with no error messages. Is there service available for my old Gene?

    Replacing the heater a few months ago wasn't as successful a fix as I'd hoped as it had trouble reaching the set temperature. This has been previously documented here so I'm also wondering if it may be time to replace it. It has been reliable and roasted well up to now.

    I see the Behmor is sold out in Bean Bay but the red Gene is available.

    Are there any other roasters under $1000 that I should consider? What are your recommendations? (I'm not really interested in a 'manual' like a corretto.)

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    Send Andy a Contact Us message Greg. He may be able to steer you to a Gene tech in your area.


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      Thanks, Andy was next on my list.

      It appears that real Gene techs are thin on the ground. I tried through Avacuppa when the heater went and they could offer nothing.

      The Behmor sounds like it's out of stock for a while (no date known yet--and I can't go for long without my home roast beans!) and Andy's new Genes are a legitimate Australian version. That sounds good to me--after all I got 12 years out of the old one with one or two roasts a week.
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        Originally posted by flynnaus View Post
        Send Andy a Contact Us message Greg.
        Yep, that's the way to do it.

        Greg contacted me via the [Contact Us] and it was all sorted with a new Gene Cafe on the way in under an hour.


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          Originally posted by Andy View Post
          Yep, that's the way to do it.

          Greg contacted me via the [Contact Us] and it was all sorted with a new Gene Cafe on the way in under an hour.

          Excellent. Do I get any commission?

          Interested to hear how the new Gene goes, Greg. Does the Ferrari red version really go faster? Well, on a serious note, is there much improvement on your original model?


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            is there a new behmor version coming out ?
            noticed that they're pretty much out of stock in aus?


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              All delivered safely, just now--24 hours to Adelaide from ordering from Geelong!

              Andy calls the colour red--but that doesn't come close to the actual.
              It's sort of a semi-matte finish that reminds me of anodising, and as the direction of the light changes so does the glow of the colour. It's not at all like the plastic finish on the old one. This one is beautiful!

              I'd roasted two batches when the old one gave up so it may be a week or two before I roast again, but I will post results.


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                OK all--my update.

                First, I slightly modified the machine--I took off the ugly warning sticker, I know it gets hot!

                I roasted 250 gm of Ethiopian Biftu Gesha. They took 13 minutes of heat (set at 240°) and were then dumped into my cooler. This was about a minute or so faster than the old one with no issues getting to that temp and maintaining it. The large chaff collector (old one had the small) makes it bit harder to catch the first few snaps of 2nd crack and I missed them so the beans were a bit darker that what I was aiming for but still taste great. I suspect my average roast time will work out to just over 12 minutes, following a 7 minute pre-heat/cool to 100° before loading the beans.

                Yum, almost time for another coffee.


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                  My second hand genecafe's blower/fan died (had already had the heater replaced), I sourced a replacement fan from NZ rep. The fan is marked as obsolete when you google the part numbers. Anyhow, long story short is it's back up and running, but not before I forgot to align the barrels and then overtighten the back case screws. So had to drill the screws out to remove them, and am looking for new case screws... Look to be imperial UNC.
                  I will say it never managed to get to 240 with beans in, it stalls around the 222 mark, then by the time it's near 230 it's more than done enough for my tastes