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Coffee bean hopper for Quest M3

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  • Coffee bean hopper for Quest M3

    Howdy folks, have been thinking for a while that it'd be good to get a hopper for my quest roaster. The way it is designed, the chute would need to go down far enough that the beans can't go into the horizontal air tube. Would be great to get a hopper so i can have beans ready to load, at the moment i use a round plastic take away container as it's flexible, then i block the horizontal air tube with the provided wooden spatula to avoid grean beans going into it. bit of a PITA to be honest.

    Any suggestions welcomed, have thought 3d printing, but not sure of how to get a design and also if the plastic used is able to stand up to temperatures up to 220c or so?

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    Found this, prefer something metal with a lever hatch so i can preload, but this might be a good option if that isn't possible.


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      This is probably a good idea. I have been using an aeropress funnel, but sometimes you do get the odd green bean jammed in the horizontal chute.



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        Yes it's not a huge issue, just looking for some added convenience in the longer term. The material the hopper in that link is made from isn't going to deal very well with high heats, maybe use Vinyl instead?


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          Hi Janus, just saw this thread. If you want something that works and don't care how it looks, I've been using an Aeropress funnel 'extended' with the tube from a toilet paper roll (unused of course!). The prototype #001 has been working for close to 3 years now and looks like it could last another 3.
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            Hi Janus I use a sorter / funnel tray (used for sorting parts / gemstones etc) and block the horizontal tube with a bamboo stirrer used for pour over while I load the beans.
            I have been meaning to upgrade to the plumbing eccentric reducer shown in the following HB post Images attached in case link is not allowed
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              Thanks guys much appreciated.

              i've often though if the hatch you lift in order to load the beans extended out a bit further in front of the machine, and would slide down after pivoting to vertical in order to cover the horizontal air pipe, it'd be pretty cool. Probably not difficult to build in for manufacturing. Would save us the issue of beans getting stuck.

              Still haven't done anything about a hopper, some good ideas here though.