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  • Cafe gene quality control

    I have bought a second hand Cafe Gene CBR 101 on another website, I was assured by the previous owner it was in good working condition, but no longer needed as he'd upgraded to a commercial roaster. I did my first roast and was surprised how noisey it was, and that the two drum ends were not mechanically linked, the heater end could free wheel. As there was a rattle in side when shaken, I assumed something had come adrift, so pulled it apart. The person that assembled it must have been having a bad day, the shaft that linked the two drum ends was not engaged in its bearing at one end, the drive motor has three mounting screws, only 2 were loosely done up, the third was lying underneath , the bearings on the heater end that the drum rolls on were lying in the base.I checked all other screws accessible and only a few were tight, most needed tightening. This is a machine with a date stamp on the heater of January 2018, so not that old. Im sure the guy I got it off was genuinely suprised when I made contact. It should have gone back under warranty, but he didn't know how it was supposed to work, and beans still got roasted. There is no way these faults happened from abuse as all parts are in as new condition. ( I've reassembled it and it seems to be working fine).

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    Nice that you are mechanically minded and capable of fixing it. You will enjoy the roasts from the Gene. It's small, yes a bit plasticy, but does roast beans very well. I have had mine now for several years and it's still going OK. Very useful for small batches of blends or for doing small amounts of expensive beans.



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      We have had no problems with the Australian Red Gene Cafe roasters built December 2018 and the quality control on them is exceptional.

      The build date of the heater might mean it was replaced, that might also explain the loose bits too. I doubt very much that any new roasters were landed here by the previous seller in Jan 2018 (but might be wrong). The original box will have the actual build date on it.