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Behmor 1600 Air Temperature

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  • Behmor 1600 Air Temperature

    Am wondering if anyone can help. I normally roast and use buttons A & B to monitor chamber and exhaust temp when the roast is nearing first and second crack. My last roast the exhaust temp (Button A) would read similar to chamber temp indicating I have a problem somewhere.
    Has anyone experienced a similar issue and can anyone assist me in fault finding what is wrong. The roaster is only 10 months old.

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    Contact Behmor Technical Support and they'll help you to quickly figure it out.

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      Yep, talk to Andy. My money is on a failed afterburner.



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        I am five months into using my 1600+. I dont quite understand your question...
        from the beginning of the roast the chamber temp will slowly climb, the afterburner clicks in, them the exhaust temp will climb... they will both rise in temperature unless you intervene.
        I have found that i prefer to roast on Manual mode and will drop the power towards the end and i will see the exhaust (A) temp be at 170*C and the internal (B) temp be around 110*C .


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          So are you saying the A temp doesn't rise? It stays at about 54 C? If so, I have had this problem and, as previously mentioned, its a failed afterburner. They are very fragile but easy to replace.
          To double check just run a a quick P1 / 100 burn without any lights on and you will see the afterburner come on (or not) after a few minutes.


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            Thanks all. It appears to be the failed afterburner. I'll need to get in touch with Andy to source a replacement part.


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              A few months ago, when I was looking to replace an afterburner Andy didn't have any in stock. Not too tricky to repair if the wire has broken at one of the connectors.
              They are easy to take out, far more fiddly to put back in.