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  • Slow leaner.

    I have read and reread the Behmor manual but fail to come to grips with the relationship between the profile and program in auto mode eg 200 P4 D start. What does the D mean in this example.

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    You are not alone in finding the Behmor manual difficult to follow.

    The D increases the drum speed. This has the effect of exposing the beans to more heat. The following quote from Sweet Maria's provides more explanation.

    "The user can toggle the drum from 8 rpm to 16 rpm at anytime during the roast. "...........A faster drum in a Behmor means that the coffee gets pulled farther up the back of the drum during rotation which exposes the bean mass to more heat from the the upper heat element in the back of the roaster. This actually shortens roast time which might be a good thing for folks dealing with roasters that aren't getting hot enough in the time the Behmor 1600 allows."

    The new model Behmor AB increases the drum speed overall from the current 8 and 16 rpm to 16 and 32 rpm. The good news is that these changes are supposed to be available as a retro-fit upgrade.


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      Yes, as tago says, you are not alone with the confounding instructions.

      On the original older Behmor the mode is automatic. You choose the weight by pressing the 1/4, 1/2 or 1 pound buttons.

      The profiles P1 to P5 determines how the elements heat and how much power they can draw to heat with. P1 gives 100% power all the way to max temperature.
      P2 does same but will drop power to about 70% sometime during the roast, then back up to 100%.
      P3 steps up the power to 70%, holds it there a while, then ups it to 80%, holds it there a while longer, then ramps up the heat to 100%. P4 and P5 are similar.

      A, B, C and D extend the roasting time according to which of the Ps you choose. Effectively, they extend the roast time, the higher up the alphabet, the longer the roast.


      In the later generation of Behmors, you can choose a manual mode but the function of buttons are way different.

      The highest setting in manual mode is now P5, not P1. Second-highest is P4, then P3, P2, while P1 power is zero power.

      The A button in manual mode tells you what temperature at the exhaust is from mid roast. B tells temperature in the wall. C to reset timer once first crack starts to (rough) estimate of time remaining to second crack. D to increase the drum speed.

      So if I want to roast 400 grams of a hard bean, I press 1, and start. Then I press P5, which gives me the highest heat power and enters manual mode. Then D to speed up the drum rotation.

      Once first crack happens I might drop power down to P4 or P3, and press C to reset the timer to give some indication how long to go to second crack. You can keep re-pressing C /reseting timer as many times as you like.

      I monitor temperature by pressing B, and if I feel things are geting too cool I might go back to more power with P4 or P5. There is a lot of lag so it's all experienced guesswork.

      Hope this is useful rather than adding to the confusion.


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        Great that you guys have jumped in to help, but there’s a couple of small errors in your info. Firstly the D button will only increase the drum speed if you’re already in manual mode. If you’re starting in auto mode the letter buttons work as robusto describes and add time. robusto’s post is excellent and on the money so I’d refer to it for good advice, but I just want to make one small correction- the A and B buttons will give you temp readings from the thermistors in both manual AND auto mode. Note that you always start in auto mode on a 1600+ and you can enter manual mode at any time during the roast by pushing one of the P* buttons. Doing this will set the lamps to the power settings that robusto listed. You can return to your original auto profile following this by pushing the 400 button.


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          ABCD extend the roast times as you say but by how much? You would won't to know this for your initial set up.


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            Originally posted by Australis View Post
            ABCD extend the roast times as you say but by how much? You would won't to know this for your initial set up.
            The times vary according to weight and P profile--- they are listed in the manual for each setting.

            You can always increase or decrease the time using the - or + buttons (within limits).


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              Thanks, I am slowly getting there.


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                A bit like the Learning Tower of Pisa I guess


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                  I was at the famous tower a couple of months ago. The lean is very obvious...except when you take a picture. In the photos you can barely tell for reasons unknown to me.