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Behmor just stops mid-way

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  • Behmor just stops mid-way

    Hey. I have a problem! Was roasting some PNG on 400g P2 C on weekend when about 10 mins in the roaster just turned off. I started the 'Cool' cycle which ran for about 9 mins then also turned off. I tried again and got pretty much the same occurrence.
    Next day I gave the machine a clean/wipe out and then did a test Burn on P1 400. It did move further into the Roast cycle but still shut down. Same with 'Cool' cycle.
    Third attempt, P1 400, did run all way through but shut down 2:30mins into 'Cool'.
    I did replace Control panel about 2 months ago and all has been well until now.
    Question. Is there a thermostat closing things down? Anybody had a similar problem? Please help. Cheers, Graham

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    Have you contacted Behmor Tech Support? If not I would highly recommend you do so. They are the point of contact for troubleshooting any problems with a Behmor product.

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      What Java said.

      If you are curious while waiting for response there is a 'system self test' that can help:


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        Thanks guys.
        will update once there is a resolution.


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          Usually there is an error shown, I had the Err1 problem occurring (which is a sensor error), showing on the screen and would roast for 1/2/3 minutes then stop. Also the cooling cycle would stop before finishing.

          I ended up just giving the machine a good wipe/clean down inside on the right hand side, the seam between the front and side panels near the heating elements, vertically about half way up from the bottom. It had some chaff or bean fragments which had been blocking or effecting the sensor, once cleaned everything went back to normal.

          In terms of thermostat shutting it down there is a safety feature that will shut the machine down when it reaches a set temperature but can't recall what it is. Given you machine is shutting down so early it is unlikely to be this. If it was the max temp error Err2 should be showing on the screen.


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            To note the resolution of my dilemma; turns out it was PCB fault. Once replaced all returned to normal.
            Thanks to all who offered a helpful hint. An extra thank-you to Andy who went above and beyond to resolve the issue.
            Regards, Graham.