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Bar Well coffee roaster

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  • Bar Well coffee roaster

    Hello everyone,

    does anyone have experience with this roaster? Looks like a stovetop type and it stirs it for you.

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    i use a popcorn maker but would like to make big batches.

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    It's worthless, use a Corretto roaster instead.

    Java "Don't waste your money" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Thanks java

      yes I’ve seen the corretto roaster, didn’t actually realise it was invented by a user? So I could get a bread maker and a heat gun but what do u do with the Teflon coated container? Do u find a bread maker that doesn’t have Teflon or remove the Teflon somehow ?


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        Steel wool would do the trick rather nicely I would think.

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        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          There are plenty of people who started out on popcorn poppers for coffee roasting. Plenty of threads on here if you are interested and don't mind the small batch size of 70-80 grams.


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            Originally posted by damirvrkic View Post
            does anyone have experience with this roaster?

            ...and prob other threads here.

            We would have 100's of CoffeeSnobs using it if it wasn't junk and could roast.

            As suggested, lots of better home built options or invent your own.
            Dog bowl, wooden-spoon and a heatgun works fine, add a windscreen wiper motor to save manual stirring or use a breadmaker to stir it.
            In no time you'll be looking at stainless rubbish bins and blow-torches totally differently.


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              Alarm bells


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                Thanks Andy,

                ive been using unmodifird popcorn makers for quite a while and now finally been able to modify a popper with the help of a fellow snobber with easy instructions.

                na staying away from bean soup-cheers


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                  The best I can get out of the Bar well is 5min warm up at 200 then add 400g for 10min then reduce temp to 180 for 20min

                  Bingo drinkable coffee

                  Please let me know if anyone has a better method :-)


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                    Here's a better method. Get rid of the Bar Well and put together a Corretto Roaster.

                    Java "30 minutes to do a roast?!? <shudder>" phile
                    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                      It's a long way from 'drinkable coffee' to the great coffee that 99% of all CSers are used to...



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                        Good advice

                        My Behmor is in the mail and I was wondering if anyone has some hot tips to roasting with it.

                        I have been watching YouTube and everyone has different techniques.



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                          Bar Well roast, I'm moving up in the world to the Behmor :-)
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                            Originally posted by Roastmaster View Post
                            Bar Well roast, I'm moving up in the world to the Behmor :-)
                            Hmm, they look like the have spent an hour or two under a Aussie summer sun..... roasted, nah just tanned enjoy your Behmor


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                              I thought the picture looked like green beans but yeah slightly tanned not really attractive probably acidic as ever, I'm still on a modified popcorn maker but quite happy with the results compared my roasts to some local roasters and mine tastes better, probably helped by the large green beans Andy sells.