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Behmor 1600 light relay replacement

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  • Behmor 1600 light relay replacement

    G'day CSers, thought it worth posing the question to the brains trust here - I recently purchased a Behmor 1600 second hand and was advised the light bulb wasn't working. A discount was arranged to cover the cost of a replacement bulb, all good.

    I've purchased a replacement (25W E17, all they had in stock) however it's still not coming on. Electrician (in the family) had a look and suggested it's the light latching relay (Sanyou SRU-S-112L). Can hear the relay switch on and off but nothing happens, so seems that component is shot.

    Just wondering if anyone has encountered this issue, and if so is there a best place to purchase either a) replacement relay to replace component on the board, or b) replacement board, or c) is this something that Behmor would cover in some way, shape or form?

    Looking online I found the relay but mostly from online auction sites or chinese wholesalers. Not sure if there's a more reputable source, or if one of the newer upgrades could form part of the replacement and save some hassle. I saw Behmor sell the 120V boards online, but not sure about 240V.

    Any advice or wisdom would be appreciated - obviously it's not a dealbreaker but seems like having a light in the chamber would make things easier to gauge the roast / keep an eye out for any smoke etc (aside from just 1C / 2C and timing).

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    G'day mate...

    Have you tried contacting the good people at Behmor via their Tech Support link?



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      Thanks Mal, have just submitted an enquiry. Can't hurt to ask and see what they say.

      I noticed in another thread Andy mentioned something about the boards being lacquer dipped making it difficult to replace any components, and Behmor have other boards / replacements on their website. If it's a cheap enough fix / upgrade at the same time, might be worth it to save the time and effort.

      If it's buying a new board for the one component, I'll either live with it or source the ~$4 part and get someone (with a little more soldering skill) to help replace the part.


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        The upgrade panel that facilitates the ability to fine-tune roasts to an extraordinary level, is available here and is quite inexpensive...
        Don't know if it has the offending dodgy relay fitted though, as that may be attached to an internal PCB.



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          The relay is on the main / power board located on the side of the machine, separate to the control panel. Looks like Behmor have an upgrade kit (front panel, power board and motor) but not sure if this is a 120V version.

          Will see what Behmor come back with, and with CS being the local distributor someone may have more info. I’ll submit a “contact us” enquiry in the next couple of days pending additional info here.



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            Update from Behmor tech support - no warranty, no 240v boards. Suggested to contact CS as local distributor for parts (main board, if available) as unlikely to have individual component.

            Will get in touch and see what I can find out.


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              Originally posted by hotwaterpls View Post
              Will see what Behmor come back with, and with CS being the local distributor someone may have more info. I’ll submit a “contact us” enquiry in the next couple of day
              ...and when you did that you got a reply in minutes!

              Previous circuit boards are not being built as the new AB model uses a different combination of side circuit board and front panel that in theory can be retro-fitted to the previous models of roaster.

              The new upgrade sets don't exist yet but will be arriving with the Behmor AB roasters

              When they arrive we will test an installation and then make them available in BeanBay.


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                Thanks Andy, thought I’d seek info from the hive mind in case someone else had the same issue and managed to resolve.

                Appreciate the prompt response, will check back as we're closer to the date for the new kits and see what the pricing and compatibility is for the older models.

                I may try and source the part in the interim as a backup, as it’s just the relay for the light and I have an electrician more or less on hand.

                Either way can continue using the roaster as is, just have to use the timer and audible cues.
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