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Roasting with bread-maker/heat-gun (Corretto) and Artisan software

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  • Dimal
    Ditto from me...

    Excellent stuff "Pollperth"...


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  • greenman
    Loved watching your video Pollperth, nice looking roast. Looking forward to more roasting adventures.

    Happy roasting
    cheers Greenman

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  • barlo
    Excellent clip Pollperth and welcome to Coffee Snobs!
    I spent quite a bit of time finding and watching YouTube clips of breadmaker/corretto roasts before I set mine up and the vid you made is one of the most useful I have seen in terms of clearly showing and explaining the process.
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  • Roasting with bread-maker/heat-gun (Corretto) and Artisan software

    Just thought I would make a vid to pass the time during our social isolation. Have only just put together this kit so probably doing heaps wrong

    edit: Had an early taste this eve. For a relatively light roast it's turned out really sweet with cocoa and caramel flavours. Very pleasant and full-flavoured despite the slightly flakey roast (too busy messing about with the camera to pay attention to aroma etc during roasting).
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