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  • Roaster options for progress

    Hi CS's,

    Longtime viewer, first time poster here....

    Firstly, I realize this topic gets asked over, and over, and there are many threads on this topic but IMO roasting is individual depending on where you stand in terms of your own journey / experience into this craft, what might be ideal for some isnt always ideal for everyone.

    Basically im still a relative newbie, by this I mean Ive used the basics ie skillet roasting, popper etc. Now looking to further my experience and invest into a more advanced home roaster setup. I was going to convert a small stainless portable bbq into a drum roaster, tempting yes....but not sure.

    So alternatively Im looking for a roaster with 1kg max capacity, reason being this is only for myself and family, at this stage anyway....Cant find basically anything in my own country so im thinking if the right used roaster comes along and the seller is willing to ship internationally then this would b the plan. More than happy to buy a used roaster just not completely sure what I should be hunting for if that makes sense

    Ive been looking at the M3 Quest, for an idea on the type of roaster that fits my situation. Seems to have fairly good reviews....Is there anything else in this range or capability that is similar to the M3 and worth a look? I know there seems to be a gap in market around this size and but with so much knowledge on here, I would love to compare any options. Gas or electric are both ok with me....

    Thanks heaps for any advice - Solaroaster

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    Welcome mate....

    To help us make useful suggestions, what is your country and what are your budget constraints?



    • Solaroaster
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      Hi Mal, New Zealand here, as for the budget certainly not huge, if I were to put a NZ dollar value on it, somewhere in the 0-2k range ?

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    Hi Solaroaster,

    It might help people answer your question if you establish where "in my country" is exactly? There are a lot of different options, home-made, domestic & commercial. Useability will also depend on laws governing gas and electrical compliance. It would help to give an idea of budget, but that would need some sort of relativity to where you live. Being an Australian website, most people will relate to AUD's.

    e.g. I'm not sure roasters such as the M3 Quest have Australian compliance, and gas compliance is an even bigger minefield to navigate.



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      Hi guys, yes good point, sorry, I'm located in New Zealand...I've contacted a few roasters here in NZ but the common response has been a roaster of that capacity, particularly used will be very hard to find.

      I'm a certified gasfitter here so I have some understanding on that side of things, however it is complex around importing appliances here, which can be a major roadblock.

      Really just looking for suggestions....


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        Have you tried a Corretto roaster yet? A big step up in roast control over a popper. Can typically roast 500-700g (some maybe more?) of greens. Easy to build yourself. Perhaps an interim step until you source a small semi-commercial roaster.


        • Solaroaster
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          Hi Saeco, thanks for your input, not yet but will look into these most definitely. I might actually post some pics of the little bbq I have, it could have potential & maybe it could prove it's worth....