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  • Electric roasting

    Hey there. Thanks for accepting me.

    First time poster.

    I have a 3kilo electric roaster that ive been experimenting on as i was not given an owners manual. Anyway would love ti chat with others who own electric roasters. Home or commercial i dont mind.

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    Hi Trojan, welcome to coffeesnobs.
    Rare to find a 3kg roaster here in Australia as the power requirements are very high, often 20amp.

    Tell us about your roaster.

    There are quite a few CoffeeSnobs here with 2kg electric roasters, put "solar" in the search bar above and you should find some posts.


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      Welcome Trojan. Never used one but I would be keen to hear your thoughts on it. Are there any benefits of going for an electric over gas?


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        Hi Andy,

        I found it in Melbourne and had to get an electrician to install an earth as they said it was from Korea. So that bit I wasnt happy about that bit. Even without the manual ive been setting times, playing with temps ect. Really easy to use.

        Hi Sheway,

        I wanted to start on an electric as we have a 5kilo gas but haven't installed that yet due to moving in a year anyway. It is on a 20amp plug now.


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          Hi Trojan
          I have a 2kg Coffetech Torrefattore, it is a great roaster, has not missed a beat since new, easy to maintain and produces tasty roasts. I roast from 200g up to 1800g batches.
          Took a few roasts to get accustomed to heat application as it is not as responsive as gas but soon got used to it.
          Enjoy your 3kg roaster
          cheers Greenman