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Any info on the "BeanGo Cube"?

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  • Andy
    They have been talking about it for a while in Asia.

    Not sure if it will have Australian Electrical certification (now or ever) but they do have it certified for Taiwan, Korea, Japan, America, Europe, China. That means you can self-import a 220V China one (not 230V AU/NZ) but importantly an Australian reseller can't legally sell you one so we won't have it in BeanBay anytime soon.

    When it does arrive, expect to pay $7000+ for a 450g roaster, even more for a "pro" with camera in it.

    I haven't touched one but to me it looks like a gizmo that you would buy when you have run out of silly things to waste your money on but it has some cool tech that may or may not mean you can roast good coffee:

    Bean Go Cube
    • Built-in Camera For Monitoring Roast Level
    • Built-in Microphone for Auto-Detecting Cracks
    • APP Control for Ease-of-Use,Real-Time Display
    • Roasting Profile for Sharing Bean Recipe
    • High Efficient Filters for Air Purification
    • Removable Parts for Through Cleaning
    Manufactured by: JIYONSON CO., LTD.
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  • robertshepherd
    started a topic Any info on the "BeanGo Cube"?

    Any info on the "BeanGo Cube"?

    Have seen some "available in late 2020" placements on local websites for this roaster:

    Looks interesting, but could also just be advanced vapourware.

    Any snob got further info?
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