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2kg Roasters. 2020 Options

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  • 2kg Roasters. 2020 Options

    I am looking for a 2kg roaster and am open to suggestions as to what is available. I have been considering an Aillio bullet, but its true capacity is not much more than my current setup, so the search is on for something decent. It can be gas or electric. Given the rise in popularity of coffee roasting I am keen to see what is out there. It is for personal use, though no doubt a number of friends and colleagues will want to make good use of it.
    The IMF 2.5kg is a ripper but at over $20k, I cannot justify it.
    The 2.5kg roaster by Coffee Roasters Australia is a serious contender.
    Another option might be to import a Turkish roaster and have it modified to suit locally.
    No doubt there are many options and I am keen for people's opinions and experiences.
    Of particular interest is:
    • True roasting capacity
    • Minimum roast capability
    • Chaff disposal
    • Size and Maneuverability
    • Temperature monitoring
    Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions, comments and experiences.

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    Have a chat to Site Sponsor Has Garanti Australia
    I'm sure Rob will have some good answers to your questions.


    • Bosco_Lever
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      Thanks Andy, I will check out what they have to offer.

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    The CRA and Has Garanti will be hard to beat for value. You could look to import a WCE from Bella Taiwan. And do Golden do a 2kg? Can’t remember, but look them up if you haven’t already.


    • Bosco_Lever
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      Thanks LeroyC. Had not given much thought to Bella Taiwan as the website in the past was not user friendly. Will have a look, as I had not considered them. Thanks for the tip about Golden Roasters, will investigate them as I had not heard of them until now.

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    Discussed ad nauseam here over the years but be vary wary of any self imports into Australia.
    While New Zealand uses the same electrical standards maybe they are not policed as hard. (like their comparatively loose car import rules)

    I have seen many roasters that required full rewiring and component changes just to be safe, and then needed to jump state based electrical and gas inspections which nearly doubled the purchase price. Legitimate Australian sellers have already gone through the certification pain to get the roasters built to meet and exceed the requirements.

    There is nothing stopping people from self-importing roasters, but if it doesn't meet the local rules it's illegal to use, could be dangerous and could invalidate your insurance too.


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      Yeah I agree with what Andy said and my suggestion probably should’ve included a bit of a caveat along the same lines.