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Thoughts on Fresh Roast SR800

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  • Thoughts on Fresh Roast SR800

    G’day one and all. New snob here. 5+ years of Breville Barista Express, about to step up to Rocket Appartmento paired with a Baratza Sete 270WI. I’m very interested in eventually home roasting, and I would like your thoughts on the Fresh Roast SR800 roaster. I’ve see a few YouTube clips on it, and it seems to be a reasonable machine, particularly when either of the various extension tubes are added. For the money, it appears to do a great job on small quantities (200g - 300g), which is what we want, and it’s footprint seems significantly smaller than that of it’s competitors. Really enjoy this web resource.

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    I've only ever seen 120V versions of these, do they make a 230/240V unit?



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      Oh I wasn’t aware of that... I hope something similar crops up here sometime soon...seems a simple, effective design.

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    Thoughts? It's a $400 popper in the wrong voltage that will roast 200g of beans with no heat control.
    ($400 = cost in USD plus freight plus GST)

    Grab yourself a $20 popcorn popper from Target (or $5 from an op-shop) and give roasting a go. A popper will roast about half the volume of the sr800, you'll have fun, produce something pretty good but will eventually want to play with more control to change your results and will buy a Behmor or a Gene Cafe and your popper can go back to popcorn duties.