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Bar well pan roaster

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  • Bar well pan roaster

    Just contemplating it I might try one of these.
    Is there any experience here with these roaster - Good? Bad? or indifferent?
    watching users on Youtube, the roast time is quite long compared to my Popper roaster.
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    Lots of posts on it over the years, makes great steamed "bean stew" but it won't roast coffee.


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      Kool, "Bean Stew" sealed for me, I'll stay with my popper for a while. Thanx Matthew


      • WhatEverBeansNecessary
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        If you are looking for something on the cheaper end - look up the Coretto. You can build one for sub $100 using a second hand breadmaker and a heatgun. I would recommend a thermo couple/heatsnob attachment which might push the build to $150. But it will let you do 200+g batches depending on the size of the breadmaker and heatgun rating. Some snobs can do 1kg batches.

        Can put the whole thing together in under an hour easy.