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Behmor 1600 Model History

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  • Behmor 1600 Model History

    Behmor Model History:

    The first Behmor 1600 model had pounds on it. They called it a 1 pound roaster (mostly for USA marketing reasons as it struggled to do a pound). We never really felt the need to call it a 1 pound roaster so when the metric panel was made it became 100g / 200g / 400g which is closer to it's true ability and besides, who here is old enough to know what a pound is anyway (I'm old and I'm a metric baby)

    When we rewrote the software for the Behmor 1600 Plus model we had many certification constraints, drastic changes would cost many thousands in recertification so we had one hand behind our back. We did manage to include manual overrides to the inbuilt profiles (I personally never liked the inbuilt profiles much) and that gave CS'rs the ability to get really creative and do far more on the roaster than was ever possible including extending the time at the end. We also had to add an "unattended countdown" that comes in at 75% of the roast, requiring the user to press [Start] to say "I'm still here and I'm awake". The 1600 upgrade panel available in BeanBay will bring a really old roaster up to Behmor 1600 Plus spec.

    The Behmor AB (2020SR in our voltage) is the latest model, the software was copied from the 1600 Plus then fudged by the factory to suit the new chipset. I've not seen the actual software in this one but it was meant to be coming here (one day... maybe). The Behmor AB has a beeper for the "unattended countdown" in it, faster drum motor, double pane glass and is black. It uses a different side circuit board and different front panel and has a different transformer in it. The only noticeable software change I've noticed is some different pulse patterns on the scroll fan during the first minute and a half of the cooling cycle. The Behmor AB costs a lot more, part of that expense is the design changes but most of the cost is the recertification to suit C-Tick in the EU.

    One day, we might have upgrade kits from Behmor 1600 and Behmor 1600 Plus to the Behmor AB (2020SR) but they will require an electrician to change the power wires from spade clips to screw-through to suit the new board. Don't be tempted to ask "are we there yet?", when they exist they will be in BeanBay.