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Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

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  • Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

    We are going over "the ditch" to tour the South Island for 2 weeks in January. We have been searching the internet high and low for the last week for stories of good and bad coffee experiences. On our 2 previous trips we have only had good coffees wherever we have embibed. We came across this website featuring summaries of coffee places all over the north and south islands. The summaries of coffee expriences matched many of the other websites critiques so we have noted a few for our impending experiences. As we will be spending 3 days in Christchurch we would love to hear from any CSers about good coffee in the city area or at the CC airport. Any clues as to where we could purchase some good roasted coffee beans for drinking whilst touring would also be appreciated. Happy New Year to all CSers.

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    Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

    When I posted the previous post just a minute ago the web address given came up incorrectly. There was no way that I keyed in what has appeared in my post. Suggest you key in New Zealand Coffee Guide for your search and go from there. Ron and Paula will love you for that. They have done a great job indeed. Apologies for the glitch.Herbie.


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      Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.


      Lucianos on Moorehouse should be a good spot (he won NZ Barista for 08). Apart from that, I havent been too many places for coffee (prefer my own ).

      As for beans, I have used Hummingbird "oomph" blend - fairtrade organic beans and these are wonderful and also used a variety of beans / blends from a boutique roaster - Izon Coffee, have had some very nice blends and SO from them.

      You can also try beans from


      all of those are located in or near central city as far as I know.




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        Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

        Thanks Sen for your recommendations. Greatly appreciated.
        I will look those up for sure when in C.C.
        Happy New Year


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          Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

          I recently spent some time driving around the South Island and was pleasantly surprised by the standard of coffee available.

          Some recommendations:

          Blenheim - CPR
          Greymouth - The Smelting Room
          Queenstown - Vudu
          Te Anau - The Sandfly Cafe
          Dunedin - Strictly Coffee
          ChristChurch - Le Cafe (at the Arts Centre)



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            Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

            The only thing that I dislike about holidays is the drought in great coffee.

            The only great coffee that I had in 2 weeks in NZ was at CafeRoma in Dunedin (Stuart St).

            I tried 2 cafes each day and suffice to say looked forward to returning to my own coffees in Oz.


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              Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

              We have just had 8 great days in the South Island of N.Z. It was to be 14 but the sudden illness and unexpected death of our much loved dog of 14 years meant a delay in going. Thank you to all the CSers who gave us the names of coffee places in N.Z. We have put them into the diary for the next visit if not visited this time around.
              We foudn N.Z. has great coffee in most places. They are passionate about their coffee. We found this out in our last 2 visits also. On our travels around the South Island around every corner there seemed to be a coffee place. At every coffee cafe we visted we heard the grinder and doser go before the coffee was made. Something we do not always hear in Australia.
              Here is a list of our coffee stops:
              Lake Tepako- on top of the mountains at St Johns Observatory. Sign posted turn off 2km south of the town on highway. A passionate young man at the Astor Cafe serving Coffee Supreme beans from Wellington. Excellent with many pluses. Great ham on the bone sandwiches also. The superb view is free.
              Omaru - Short Black Cafe. Coffee Supreme beans again. Excellent.
              The Hermitage Cafe at Mt Cook. Average- a lot of "Baristas"
              Christchurch - C1 Excellent. C4 beans
              Bean Scene. Excellent
              The Gondola Cafe. Excellent.
              Le Cafe at the Arts Centre- Hummingbird coffee- Excellent
              Cafe past security at Christchurch International Airport. Below average. Too busy to care.
              Geraldine - Cafe Verdi. Vivace coffee. Excellent.
              Timaru.- Red Rocket. Coffee Supreme beans. Good.
              Now it is back to reality and enjoying the flavours of my own roasted beans courtesy of CS Green Bean Bays. What a passion this has turned out to be.


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                Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

                Whangarei ? = My place !
                If you are visiting Whangarei just PM me and Ill give you our address.
                You will not like our local fare unfortunately, but we are working on it.



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                  Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

                  Heading over to NZ later this year and will check out these recommendations.


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                    Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

                    We have just returned from 2 fabulous weeks in the South Island of N.Z. commonly known as "over the ditch". We started our fantastic coffee crawl out of Christchurch. In 13 days we had about 30 coffees ;D and we only had 3 bad coffees. One of those was very much croaked about on "Getaway".
                    SEAGERS OF OXFORD. 78 Main St. Home of N.Z. Chef Jo Seager. Fair Trade coffee. Very good. Very busy.
                    HANMER SPRINGS. MUMBLES. 6 Conical Rd. "Best coffee in H.S." according to Chilli magazine said the sign on the window. Very good. Hummingbird coffee.
                    REEFTON. REEF COTTAGE CAFE. 51-55 Broadway St. Inland from Greymouth. Fantastic little ex gold mining town in mountains. Very good. Herbie had his first bowl for this visit here. N.Zs go for bowls.
                    GREYMOUTH. SMELTING HOUSE CAFE. 102 Mackay St. Very good. Pomeroys coffee from Nelson.
                    FRANZ JOSEF. FULL OF BEANS CAFE. Main Rd. Fantastic coffee and food. Great friendly staff. Terrific place for a 7 a.m breakfast. Venus coffee from Wanaka. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
                    LAKE WANAKA. EDGE OF WATER RESORT. Sargood Drive. Very good coffee available to the public all day.
                    ARROWTOWN BAKERY. Buckingham St. Very good. Roasted Addiction coffee.
                    INVERCARGILL. 3 BEAN CAFE 73-81 Dee St. What a place for food and coffee. We could tell the place was terrfic as it was always buzzing with customers and take away fans. We had 3 fantastic breakfasts here along with lovingly prepared coffees. Hummingbird coffee. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
                    SASSYS . 45 Esk St. Invercargill. Very good coffee. coffeeworkzs. nz.
                    DUNEDIN. Swell Cafe. St Clair Beach. 8 Esplanade. Very good. Orb coffee.
                    NECTAR. 286 Princes St. Dunedin. Great breakfast and coffee to die for. We sussed this one out on web. Great website. Hummingbird coffee. ;D
                    OMARU. SHORT BLACK. 45 Thames St. New owners. Good coffee. Coffee Supreme.
                    TE ANAU. SANDFLY CAFE 9 The Lane. Great coffee. Sorry we did not note roaster.
                    LAKE TEKAPO. In 4 Square Supermarket area. Clothing and craft shop with coffee. Great welcome and very good coffee. Underground coffee. (It was pouring rain here. So we did not drive up the mountain to St Johns Observatory and Astro Cafe this time around.)
                    GERALDINE. CAFE VERDE. 45c Talbot St. Great food and coffee. Vivace coffee.
                    CHRISTCHURCH. LUCIANOS 220 Moorhouse Avenue. In Hunter Furniture building. Just in time for a great lunch and superb coffees. Place was crowded. Tims opposition in Barista Champs pulling coffees. Thanks to C.Ss Redzone, Senator and Idler for the posts re this superb place. [smiley=happy.gif] Even though pouring with rain we got wet to enjoy the ambience. C.C. free shuttle bus will drop you off near here and also C1.
                    C1. 150 High St. C.C. Never disappoints. What an atmosphere. A wall full of old coffee grinders for a start. Missus had a fantastic hot chocolate complete with a chocolate marshmallow fish. Last year it was a mashmallow teeth garnish. Fantastic coffee. C4 coffee.
                    SEASONS CAFE. C.C. In "Quest Arcade" 113 Worcester St. Tram passes right outside door and we mean that. Tram costs $15 for all day ticket. (Takes you to other great coffee spots in C.C.) Fantastic breakfast here with superb Hummingbird coffee.
                    AKAROA. HILLTOP CAFE. Highway 75 Little River Rd. Banks Peninsula. Half way between C.C. and Akaroa. Superb views. Great coffee. C4 coffee.
                    BULLY HAYES RESTAURANT. 57 Beach Rd. AKAROA. Very good coffee. Caffee LAffare coffee Wellington.
                    CHRISTCHURCH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Before Customs. SWITCH COFFEE. Excellent coffee. Very busy. Same Barista for all coffees. Fair Trade Coffee.
                    Like scoota gal says we tended to look at the colour of the coffee being drunk before going in, plus we had googled oodles of reviews before we left Aussie. We also found the Loney Planet N.Z. spot on. Homework was welll worthwhile. We salute New Zealanders for their passion for coffee. They are committed to making a great cup. We promoted Coffeesnobs to all we could . Generally speaking we have found N.Z. to have a greater proportion of good coffees in rural towns than we find here in Aussie. ;D


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                      Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

                      Awesome work Herbie ! Pleased you enjoyed your time here and thanks for all the heads up.



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                        Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

                        Thanks Chris for your kind words.
                        We loved finding good coffee everyday of our visit.
                        We intend to do the North Island again in a couple years.
                        We were stoked in the way New Zealanders loved their coffee. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
                        It is a great place to visit. We felt we were right at home with so many people making us feel really welcome.


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                          Re: Finding good coffee in New Zealand.

                          man there are so many places listed here guys, good work!

                          Just a little update, as I just came back from the South Island mid this week. Didnt have much coffee while I was there, Im actually fortunate enough to be able to go cold turkey with no headaches.

                          I drink milky stuff and managed Vudu in Queenstown and Switch at Christchurch airport - to be honest a little disappointing - Milk was also wayyy too hot at both of these places - burnt my toungue, which does bad things to the flavour too. Could hardly taste the coffee - dont know whether it was because they stopped extraction too early or because my taste buds were burnt to smitherines.

                          Had coffee at this cafe called "By Jove" in Akaroa - serving C4. That was actually pretty decent, though service was not very polite (maybe I caught the owner on a bad day).

                          I have been told that NZ is great with their coffee, and have no doubts that it is the case, but seems like I had some bad luck there.