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  • London?

    Got a mate from Melbourne over in London for the next 12 months & hes really struggling without BBB just down the street from work. Anyone have any suggestions where he could get a good coffee in London?

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    Re: London?

    Originally posted by 7463777678100 link=1236291693/0#0 date=1236291693
    Got a mate from Melbourne over in London for the next 12 months & hes really struggling without BBB just down the street from work.  Anyone have any suggestions where he could get a good coffee in London?

    These guys seem to be getting a bit of hype on the net.

    I have had no experience of them, but they have had pretty good reviews.



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      Re: London?

      Flatwhite in SOHO gets consistently good reviews...

      Also found this one written by a NZer in London- may be of use:

      Ultimately, I reckon the best coffee in the UK might be served at your mates place if he buys a machine and grinder and roasts his own!



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        Re: London?

        This one is easy. Flat White. Of the many dozens/hundreds or cafes etc Ive been to around the world Id rate Flat White as the best coffee outlet in the world, most certainly if consistency is considered. There is probably better, but Ive yet to find it.


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          Re: London?

          Can highly recommend Monmouth Coffee Company (in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden). Funky and friendly little cafe, great espresso. Very busy cafe - amazed that they only have a 2-group LM (with Robur). They roast their own beans (off-site, also supplying their other shop in London as well as other cafes including the aforementioned Flat White).


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            Re: London?

            So far of the 10 or so cafes weve been to Dose has been one of our favourites for both the food and coffee.

            Gwilyms cart is also a must try, we went to the Columbia Rd flower market cart which runs on sundays and it was great.
            Breakfast rolls were really good and coffee was great, I even got to pull shots with Gwilym for a few hours!


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              Re: London?

              Now that im back in Melbourne id rate Dose (69 Long Lane - near Barbican station) as one of the best in London, found that James was very consistent over the 3 times I visited.
              I can also appreciate that its probably easier to be more consistent as it wouldnt be as busy as somewhere as Flat White.

              As ive already mentioned one of Gwilyms carts, or both are worth visiting - Columbia Road Flower Market on sunday or Whitecross St Market (mon-fri I think).

              Flat White (17 Berwick St, Soho) the cafe thats said to have started the antipodeon surge is worth going to, bumped into Erin while we were there.

              Most of the others were ok but not great, more on those on my blog.


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                Re: London?

                Hey all,

                Went to London over the weekend and enjoyed some great coffee. Plenty to choose from - I got loads of suggestions but only made it to a few. Beware: Starbucks, Nero Caffe and other chains are everywhere (and appear to be very popular).

                I made this google maps list which might be useful to anyone looking for good coffee in London.


                Flat White - as others have said, a good little cafe. Uses Square Mile beans. The owner (a Kiwi) is a nice bloke. Our two flat whites were identical even to the rosettas, so kudos for that. Tasted great, of course, which is more important!

                Milkbar - sister company to Flat White. Quite similar in size and set up - also running LM (FB80 I think) and Robur-e. The coffee I had here actually tasted better, but the barista wasnt as slick or careful, IMO. Weird name, but a very nice place to chill out for a coffee.

                Wild & Wood - we stumbled across this one while looking for the British Museum. Excellent food and coffee. They use Monmouth beans. Running a La Spaziale and Mazzer (just SJ I think). Quirky, rustic interior - very small! - but intimate and relaxed.

                Joe & the Juice - very convenient location on Regent St - which is how we found it. They have a LM Mistral and Mahlkonig K30 twin grinder (sounds good, right?), BUT both times we went there the baristas were sloppy and inattentive. Out of five coffees, we got 1 excellent, 2 good and 2 average. Juice bar is excellent and food looks good. Nice place inside, too - quite big with mezzanine and lots of couches.

                There we go. We only had 4 days in London and not all of them was spent seeking out good coffee (mores the pity) so we really only scratched the surface. Plenty of good coffee to be found, though.

                Hope someone finds that helpful.


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                  Re: London?

                  Was recently in London and managed to get to Nude Espresso in Brick Lane which was very good and very busy.

                  Sacred Cafe is also very good.

                  Didnt manage to make time to see the other places as time did not allow me to.

                  Was very impressed with Nude Espresso particularly.


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                    Re: London?

                    Ill put forward The Espresso Room in Bloomsbury (short walk from Holborn tube) as one of my faves.

                    When I was living in London, I would frequent anywhere on Gwilym Davies Disloyalty card and be assured of excellence.

                    By the way, Gwilyms operation Prufrock Coffee now has a second outlet in Primrose Hill, furnished with a prototype of the next Kees Van der Westen machine, the Spirit.

                    (the postcard is from The Espresso Room )


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                      Re: London?

                      Originally posted by 465D575F6B565B5A50340 link=1236291693/9#9 date=1331115195
                      Ill put forward The Espresso Room in Bloomsbury (short walk from Holborn tube) as one of my faves.
                      Ill second this. Lived in a flat 20 yards away for several months, never had an ordinary coffee from these guys (they also sell fresh beans). They seemed to take great care in training their new staff and are very friendly/polite (which is not always the case with retail service in London...though getting better).
                      For tourists visiting the British Museum this place is an easy 5 minute walk due east. Also not far from Russel Square tube station (as well as Holborn).


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                        Anyone tried Shoreditch Grind (nr Old Street)? I'm working in London for a few months early next year and will be based nearby.....looks the best option (or I guess I could walk to Great Ormond St) .


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                          Have not heard of shoreditch grind, but you might be close to Gwilym Davies / Prufrock Coffee if he still has a machine set up @ Present, 140 Shoreditch high st.


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                            Thank Rick, will give them a go. Been to a few other places on the Disloyalty Card (lived above the Espresso Room...very good). I ended out emailing the guys from Shoreditch Grind (only been open about a year), asking whether they sold fresh beans. Got a very friendly reply in about 2 minutes in the affirmative. Seems it is run (and largely staffed) by Melbourne ex-pats. Will report back when I try their coffee, but a promising start.


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                              We were over in London in June and I made a special point of searching for great coffee. All I found was Aussies and Kiwis Best places we went to:

                              Workshop Coffee Co. - Clerkenwell (WORKSHOP COFFEE CO.) (My favourite - pulling great shots on a Slayer)
                              Association Coffee - Creechurch Lane (The Association: City of London Coffee Project) (New one, also great Espresso)
                              Flatwhite - SOHO - Had to check it out, also excellent Espresso
                              Nude Espresso - Surprising good Espresso, stopped there halfway through a run