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    Visited Shoreditch Grind (above Old Street tube station) for a latte and some beans. Very nice latte, in a sensible sized glass. Still working on dialing in my new Porlex grinder with the Aeropress, but both of my first efforts using their roasted beans have been superb. Seems to be owned and staffed entirely by Antipodeans (the owners are from Melbourne) Definitely going back.


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      Late 2014 update. Staying in Notting Hill, so Shoreditch / City are not so handy. Three places that I have tried and found to be very good (two are listed in posts above):

      Flat White, Berwick St. Soho - Had to drink a flat white there, and it was excellent. A slightly sweet, well balanced drink. Swift, pleasant service with a smile.

      Sacred Cafe, Ganton St. Soho - Big bold flat white, in your face but somehow quite smooth at the same time. Service was chaotic, but it wasn't down to lack of effort, largely limitations of space and the behaviour of some customers (who frankly I wouldn't have fed). I just wish they had a less pretentious name.

      Talkhouse, top of Portobello Rd. Notting Hill. - This was a lucky find. Coffee quite similar in style to Sacred Cafe above. Also tried a ristretto....actually, no they refused to make a ristretto so I had a regular espresso, which was well balanced (but I'll get a ristretto out of them one day). They also sell a number of soft brews apparently (aeropress, cold drip in summer, etc).

      Another which has been OK at times is Coffee Plant (a bit further south on Portobello Rd), very friendly efficient staff, but coffee not as consistent as one would prefer. Also 'Kitchen and Pantry' on Kensington Park Rd.....perfectly acceptable coffee served in room with more leather chairs and armchairs than fit comfortably in the room. Patrons are from another world, however.


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        Monmouth at the Borough Market was an institution for me when I lived there several years ago. But only open on market days.


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          Thought I provide a wrap-up of places I tried during my recent stay in London, organised by district, with address details that work in Google Maps.

          City / Old Street:
          Ozone Coffee Roasters - 11 Leonard St EC2A 4AQ: Superb, my favourite place in London for a latte or ristretto.
          Shoreditch Grind - 213 Old Street (on the roundabout): Very good, Square Mile beans. (has a new sister shop 'Holborn Grind' at 199 High Holborn....didn't try).

          Bloomsbury / Central London:
          Espresso Room, 31-35 Great Ormond St. In the top 3 or 4.
          Wild and Wood 19/1 New Oxford Street. Poky little place with nice coffee and simple food options.
          Tap Coffee No. 114, 114 Tottenham Court Rd, Excellent for espresso based drinks and had some nice soft-brew options too. (they have other outlets nearby too).

          Sacred Cafe, 13 Ganton St: Chaotic service but v.good espresso / flat white.
          Flat White, 17 Berwick St.: Excellent flat whites (unsurprsingly).
          Milk Bar 3 Bateman St: sister cafe of Flat White, but coffee not as impressive on my visit. They had recently adopted some Swedish coffee beans that maybe they hadn't mastered.
          Speakeasy, 3 Lowndes Court, OK flat white, nothing special. They seem to specialise in Aeropress etc, which I didn't try.

          Covent Garden:
          Monmouth, 27 Monmouth St. Quite a nice flat white, very busy.

          Notting Hill:
          Talkhouse Coffee, 275 Portobello Rd. Excellent flat whites and espressos. Staff have a bit of attitude, but not in a rude sense.
          Coffee Plant, 180 Portobello Rd. Inconsistent, but never bad.

          Ruby Dock Cafe: 45 Camden Lock Place: Quite a nice latte, sister shop of Aust. influenced 'Lantana' which I haven't tried.

          4a Perrins Court: Was a real surprise. Was one of the better flat whites.

          Probably forgot one, but that should give people a start if they find themselves in London for a few days.


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            Glad you made it to Monmouth and it is still good. Geez Barry you must have been pinging with all that coffee. Sounds like my sort of holiday!


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              I used to live in London and back then Monmouth was already up and coming. Nevertheless, I personally prefer the Borough Market location, it is livelier and has a bit more character, I think, beyond the usual. It's nice to sit on the left and up and people watch whilst sipping a pourover. They "saved" me on a recent London trip - they sold me filters and a cone at a decent price to go with my ground coffee. Without a grinder or any means of brewing coffee I had resigned myself to instant rather than brave the winter wind in the morning...

              My favourite today - bearing in mind increasingly infrequent trips - is Ozone, also mentioned earlier. Just watch out for forgetful service at busy times and make sure you are given what you ordered. The food is mostly quite good, as in most of these places.

              Used to be at Fernandez & Wells in Soho quite often. They have 3 locations now. I remember trying the second location and not being impressed. They had a reliable espresso 6-7 years ago at least, and the egg tarts were really good as were most of the sweet things. But I doubt it'd impress Aussies. Beans from one of the famous roasters, possibly Monmouth.

              Some of you will presumably be visiting Canary Wharf for business, and staying in the area. Limehouse does not have much going for it, but despair not, for Husk Coffee & Creative Space is just the community cafe you needed. Is it Ozone-level coffee, no (no in-house roasting...), but it is much better than Starbucks, the cakes are made there, and it's cheap. Plenty of armchairs and books too. That part of London is a bit of a coffee desert so it's nice to have that option without taking the DLR to Bank and further west.


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                Spent a few nights in London last month. Very much enjoyed coffee from Rosslyn (directly about Mansion House station....not far from Bank or Cannon Street). Largely staffed by Australians, great service, free sparkling water while you wait and overall was very happy to be staying in a serviced apartment just over the road.


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                  Just throwing in a recommendation for The Association, right near the Gherkin, as the best coffee I had in London.