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  • Christchurch NZ

    Greetings Snobs

    In Christchurch at present and have a couple of spots of interest for anyone visiting.

    Luciano Espresso Bar
    Hunter Furniture Building
    220 Moorhouse Ave

    Current NZ Barista Champ behind the big LM, very nice Flat White and an excellent Ristretto to follow.
    You wont be dissapointed.

    C4 Coffee HQ
    165 Lichfield St

    Pleasant flat white not world changing but good.
    Ethiopian Yirg, pour over-paper filter, now we are talking, exceptional !
    Lots of cool toys and their roasting HQ also.

    Christchurch is a ghost town compared to all other cities I have visited,
    no waiting anywhere and take you choice of seats, makes a nice change !

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    Re: Christchurch NZ

    Update, had to head back to Lucianos befor heading to Wellington and it was well worth the effort.
    Went for a larger flat white this time. It was sweet, milk chocolate all the way. Followed by 2 Brazilian SO ristrettos, both very nice especially the last one.

    Great guy more than happy to talk coffee and doing a great job.

    Shame about Wellington, not even going to bother with a write up.
    In short "a series of dissapointments "


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      Re: Christchurch NZ

      Back to ChCh tomorrow, any Snobs want to catch up for coffee?
      PM me if keen.,
      Be there Tues/Wed and Thurs am.




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        Re: Christchurch NZ

        Been to Lucianos very very good coffee.

        Picked up my Pallo coffee tool from there.

        C4 Coffee is very good too.

        165 Lichfield St
        Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
        (03) 366 7370


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          Re: Christchurch NZ

          Does the C4 have a kick?


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            Re: Christchurch NZ

            Originally posted by 7448554E444552474F44200 link=1254798833/4#4 date=1294444240
            Does the C4 have a kick?


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              Re: Christchurch NZ

              Ill second both of the suggestions in the first post.

              C4 isnt on Lichfield St anymore, its now on Tuam St, in pretty much the same place. If you go to the Lichfield St address, its on the other side of the parking lot between Lichfield and Tuam.

              Another really cool place is C1 Espresso, which is round the corner of High St and Tuam St.


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                Re: Christchurch NZ

                Originally posted by 6D514C575D5C4B5E565D390 link=1254798833/4#4 date=1294444240
                Does the C4 have a kick?
                Very true comment It blew the building in Febuary, the building is gone now.
                Now the hole city is a RED ZONE [how bazzar]


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                  Re: Christchurch NZ

                  Yay C1 Coffee is returning to the City. The City has been a Red Zone for 13 Months. We have Coffee made in Containers, carivans and Road stalls. It Will take 30 years to rebuild the City. But Coffee will keep us going.


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                    Re: Christchurch NZ

                    Its about Latte. Cafe opens outside of Red Zone
                    An earthquake-displaced business owner has set up shop in a shipping container.

                    James Bagrie, 28, owned The Caffeine Laboratory in Christchurchs inner-city Shades Arcade.

                    After nearly four months of trying to restart the business, he is operating from a small shipping container in a car park on the corner of Montreal St and Walker St.

                    "We were allowed to go back into the arcade and get equipment and stuff out, which was great, but then it was just a case of trying to find somewhere to reopen," he said. "There was this mass hysteria to find rentals after the quake, but I wanted to stay close to the city."

                    Stylus Furniture, which is moving into Walker St premises at the end of the month, told Bagrie he could use the car park. "They [Stylus Furniture] were so great about it ... and its obviously a huge help to me," he said.

                    He rented a 2.4-metre shipping container, and started serving coffee last Monday.

                    "Its just so great to be up and running again. For me, just getting back to some sort of normality was the best thing," he said.

                    Bagries Kilmore St home was damaged in the February quake. He is living with his parents in Ohoka. "Its a bit of a commute. The alarm goes off pretty early, then I get up, bake the muffins, get the soup ready [for the cafe] and get going."

                    He brings non-chlorinated water from an Ohoka well to use in the coffee machine.

                    "The people I used to serve were pretty much all inner-city workers, so I went from seeing them everyday to just not seeing them at all," he said. "Thats one of the best things about being back in business, seeing the familiar faces again."

                    However, working from a container did have its downside.

                    "Its pretty freezing in here, to be honest," he said. "Im just doing my bit, facing the southerly, and making coffees in a shipping container in the middle of winter."


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                      Re: Christchurch NZ

                      Angry Christchurch business owners yesterday faced more destruction and loss in the central city.

                      About 30 owners were allowed to enter red zone 7 – from Barbadoes St to Madras St – for three hours yesterday.

                      Guy Griffith-Jones, owner of coffee roaster and supplier C4, wanted to know who would pay for the doors smashed at his rented Tuam St property.

                      With the doors open, dust had damaged the equipment, he said.

                      "They [officials] dont talk to you. They smashed it open. All the dust has caused more damage than the quake," Griffith-Jones said.

                      Bernard Smith, owner of Vivace Coffee, had been trying to help the C4 Coffee business get back on its feet.

                      However, Smith said the Vivace Espresso Bar in Hereford St had been torn down without his knowledge.

                      Cash remained in the till from the day of the quake.

                      "We had no contact from anyone. I had applied to get stuff out, like everyone else, and then I found it was demolished at the weekend.

                      "Theres a lot of stuff in there Id have liked to get out.

                      "Once the quake struck, everyone just got out. You dont think youll never get back in."

                      He said no-one contacted him regarding the demolition.

                      Griffith-Jones also said he was not told C4 Coffees old 165 Lichfield St site would be torn down.

                      "We were going to demo it anyway, but Id rather be told. Id like to have a courtesy phone call to say `were doing this." The building was badly damaged after the September quake.

                      Roland Logan, owner of the building on Madras St that housed NG cafe, was upset over missing jewellery at his yellow-stickered building.

                      The building was home to a boutique clothing shop, cafe and gallery.

                      "Were missing a couple of pieces of jewellery that seem to have gone missing after the time the authorities broke in to search for people that werent here," he said.

                      "Its just a couple of rings. We knew exactly where the rings were because someone was looking for them when we abandoned the building."

                      Logan also asked why rescue workers had to smash all his propertys doors.

                      "We actually put a note on the outside of the building when we got everyone out of the building to say this building is clear," he said.

                      "So Im not sure quite why they have to break in, especially break both doors, when all the internal doors were open, plus break glass doors upstairs to look inside rooms."


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                        Re: Christchurch NZ

                        A Christchurch cafe is offering al fresco coffee as it battles to stay in business.

                        Upshot Coffee began operating outside its damaged Heathcote Valley premises when the Station Rd building was yellow-stickered after Februarys earthquake.

                        Co-owner Megan Geels said she was determined to keep the cafe and organic roastery open by setting up school desks and plastic chairs outside, despite the cooler weather.

                        "Its not a bad wee setup, as long as the weathers good. The hardy customers will sit there right through the winter," she said.

                        The future of the leased premises was in the hands of the landlords insurance company, Geels said."Id say the [building] is due for demolition, but until then well just keep trucking along."

                        Post-quake business had been mixed, with some regular customers having moved. "Its up in some aspects because there arent many cafes open [in the area]. Its certainly holding its own at the moment."

                        The cafe is also selling milk and newspapers because the nearest dairy has closed.

                        The historic Valley Inn, Heathcotes only pub, was demolished after the September quake.

                        "Im pretty sure were the only commercial venture running in Heathcote. Everything else is stuffed," Geels said.

                        The cafe owners have no plans to look for new premises.

                        Space had been offered, but Geels said they were keen to stay put.


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                          Re: Christchurch NZ

                          Heathcote Valley may be awash with broken houses but it is also home to the little coffee company that could.

                          Upshot Coffee started six years ago on a quiet, unassuming corner in the valley selling fresh roasted fair trade and organic beans.

                          When the February 22 earthquake hit they simply picked up their coffee machine and relocated to the street outside.

                          Throughout a long cold winter Justin Good and Megan Geels churned out espressos to frozen cyclists and kept a small part of the struggling community alive.

                          In October 2011 they were finally forced to move away from their traditional Station Rd site.

                          "Eventually, we just had to give up," Mr Good said.

                          Two weeks ago, Upshot started up for the third time on Bridle Path Rd on the driveway of the Heathcote Valley Riding School.

                          The orange container cafe with its collection of plastic chairs and rustic tables is very "back to basics".

                          Mr Good has been roasting in a small shed next to the container, but has maintained the same quality despite difficult conditions.


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                            Coffee House

                            A Christchurch coffee house has become a coffee hut to keep its earthquake-hit business going.

                            The Coffee House on Montreal St has temporarily moved into a small shed in a pub courtyard after being unable to trade since the quake.

                            The "Coffee Hut" is at the Pegasus Arms site on Oxford Tce.

                            Coffee House owner Ben Dunkin, 36, said "the lovely people at the Pegasus Arms have let us use their outdoor hut which functions as a bar in the summer but not so much in the winter".

                            The Coffee House building suffered damage to external walls.

                            Dunkin said he was unsure how long repairs would take.

                            "Its just so great to be back serving coffee in the area. Were just stoked to be able to trade . . . it took us a few months to get into our business [The Coffee House] because of a nearby demolition, so its awesome to be up and running."

                            Dunkin said he expected to be based at the new site for about four months.

                            Coffee House customer Grant Youngman said "the vibe" between the hut and pub was "perfect".

                            "Its a great place to hang out, and it just works really, really well."

                            Youngman said many of his regular coffee spots were no longer open.

                            "As a city-living, coffee- loving guy, Im going to support any local businesses doing their bit to get the city back on its feet . . . it makes me feel like I do want to carry on living in the city."

                            The Coffee Hut is trading from 7am to 12pm daily


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                              Re: Christchurch NZ

                              The Coffee House in Montreal St is one of the few surviving cafes within Christchurchs four avenues.

                              Housed inside a charming Victorian villa, the cafe sits directly opposite the Dux de Lux and the historic Arts Centre and with its yellow facade is a welcoming beacon amid all the demolition taking place around it.

                              To make the most of post-quake trade the cafe has put on a steak menu in the evenings but it is the quality of its coffee and home- baked cakes that keep the locals coming back.