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  • Coffee in Buenos Aires

    There are 3 places that I would recommend going for coffee in Buenos Aires.

    1) Any of the Havanna cafes. They make a pretty good espresso, but you need to go there and have a coffee with an alfajor which is a biscuit sandwiched with dulce de leche (South American caramel) and covered with chocolate. Definitely to die for!

    2) El Ateneo - The coffee was good here, but you come here for the impressive grandeur. This is a massive bookstore that is in an old theatre, and it has a cafe set up on the stage. They have light background music played by local artists, and it was so relaxing we spent 2 hours in there!

    3) The Coffee Store - I went here every day we were in Buenos Aires. Its a chain store, but I went to the one up the top of the Alto Palermo shopping centre. They had 16 grinders!!! I tried a number of different single origins, and was very impressed by the standard of coffee. Also, each coffee came with a sticker on it to show what type it was, which I think is a very cool idea. I think a lot of people would consider the espresso here weak, but I enjoyed it as it was very smooth. If you order a ristretto, you get a coffee that would be more familiar to aussie espresso drinkers. Either way, great place for coffee and croissants.

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    Re: Coffee in Buenos Aires

    How were the prices?

    I remember having a flat white in the International airport and it was $10 US when the Aus dollar was worth about 60 cents

    not recommended


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      Re: Coffee in Buenos Aires

      prices were not bad, about AU$4.50 for coffee, juice and toast. Of course the dollar was getting 92 US cents (and about $3.3 Argentinian Dollars) while I was there...