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  • Santiago de Chile

    It took me a while, but finally found a place where good espresso is served in Santiago. Its called "Espresso Bar" and is located in Providencia, on "Republica de Cuba 1411", near "Plaza Las Lilas".

    They roast the beans themselves - different SOs every week. The coffee is ground on demand and prepared with a LM Linea.

    Those of you who have been to Chile will know how rare such a find is.



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    Re: Santiago de Chile

    Where was this post last November!!!

    Lovely place, and cant wait to go back, but full of terrible coffee. I did enjoy Cafe Helarte mind you, but it was more for the wonderful sandwiches and artwork although the coffee was not too bad either. the guy who owns it is Andrez, and hes travelled around oz so it is good to speak to someone who understands your english and the aussie accent (as youd know, very little english in chile). very helpful as a source of local info too...


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      Re: Santiago de Chile

      Good you enjoyed your time in one of my home countries. HCMC is a great place also.  


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        OK, so I'm living in Santiago now (got accepted into a startup accelerator here) and the coffee is still terrible in general, but there's a really good place in Lastarria (pretty central) called Bloom Specialty Coffee on Merced 307 - pretty much just coffee and a few snack things, but the coffee is exceptionally good. Other than that, there's COFI in Providencia, and I'm looking forward to trying Slow Drop and Bigi Coffee Bar as they look very promising...


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          Sorry for the double post, but it was warranted to let you know about Bigi Coffee here in Santiago - really awesome place that does exceptional coffee here, easy to get to from Las Condes and Providencia as it's across the road from Costanera Center. Fantastic cookies as well if you've got a bit of a sweet tooth or just like something to go with a great coffee. Definitely will be a regular at this place!
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