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Coffee in Italy & Turkey?

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  • Coffee in Italy & Turkey?

    Im off on holiday in Sept/Oct... if anyone knows of a GREAT cafe in anywhere im going, ill definately make an effort to check it out. Im staying in the historic parts of these cities:


    And if anyone knows where I can buy a grinder in Venice, Im keen to do that too (macap or mazzer)


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    Re: Coffee in Italy & Turkey?

    ahhh Athens it brings back the memories  ;D

    this was served up to me in Athens not far from the  Acropolis after which i gave up and just ordered Frappes sure they are made on instant but they are tasty and nice and refreshing on a hot day.

    thats a great itinerary i always suggest trying to get off the tourist strips and look for a place full of local preferably with little or no english on the menu....
    I always found you then get a more interesting experience. Start practicing a little Italian so you can order a few things. A bit of trying to speak the local language  goes a long way in a locals eyes   


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      Re: Coffee in Italy & Turkey?

      Just remember... its more about the whole coffee experience... not just the taste :P  Make sure the setting in which you enjoying the coffee gets a scoring bias.

      Theres a cafe in the Grand Bazaar called Fez which my friend raves about and although I wouldnt say it was brilliant, it was better than most!

      oh, and dont order long blacks in Italy... theyre called an "Americano" which I hated ordering!


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        Re: Coffee in Italy & Turkey?

        Trip was great, highly recommend greek islands and Italy as a holiday destinations as long as you avoid Athens (riots/strikes.. not good!).

        From a coffee perspective:

        Turkey: turkish coffee is a bit of a shock,even knowing roughly what to expect (pun wholly intended), i was expecting something interesting and tasty. I think they drink it for the caffeine because, as a drink, Turkish coffee is not good...nowhere.

        Coffee in Italy was uniformly good, and cheap - i drank machiattos; they dont do flat whites, so cappuccinos are the other milky alternative, not good...way too foamy and the milk is always scalded.
        One problem i encountered almost everywhere is that the bars are typically designed for max throughput, so outside busy times the grinder hopper usually sits half full of grinds. Even at busy times the coffee is very strong, quite bitter; by our standards, often over extracted.
        Machinery is all top notch..4 and 5 groups are common, and barista technique is well practiced. Best coffee overall is in the north; Milan, Venice, florence. Single best cafe was on calle del paradiso, Rialto, venice.

        Greece is not worth mentioning, a few bars run by aussies/kiwis/Americans, but its too hot and dry for coffee anyway

        Trying to buy a grinder in Venice was a laugh...ended up on a wild goose chase, but an amusing one that helped me to meet some cool backstreet baristas and equipment vendors.


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          Re: Coffee in Italy & Turkey?

          Originally posted by 524A444D4D58210 link=1298939829/3#3 date=1321610572
          Greece is not worth mentioning, a few bars run by aussies/kiwis/Americans, but its too hot and dry for coffee anyway
          Thats why they drink frappe.