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Visiting UK, where to get a coffee fix in Fife, Kent

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  • Visiting UK, where to get a coffee fix in Fife, Kent

    I suspect I will be disappointed, but perhaps the collective wisdom will turn up some little known outpost of civilised coffee vendors over in the UK.

    In a couple of months, I will be visiting relatives in Scotland (near Dunfermline, Fife) and in Kent (a little village called Horsmonden) not too far from Tonbridge.

    Last time I was back in Dunfermline, I was in a well established cafe (the building survived the great fire of 1624, but I think it became a cafe more recently than that). Somebody ahead of me in the queue ordered a cappuccino and they made it using filtered coffee and microwaved milk frothed with one of those spinner things - I ordered tea...

    Well actually be staying in Aberdour, so anything around South West Fife would be of interest. Failing that, a trip to Edinburgh may be required to raise the caffeine levels.

    Kent may be a lost cause, but were only there for a few days.