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good coffee place in canada

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  • good coffee place in canada

    Iam in Montreal for a week so far have to put up with places like star buck, second cup, van huson & tim horton, i want a real coffee shop can someone recommend one. I am near Palais du Congres. thanks.

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    Re: good coffee place in canada

    after running around town for days, I ended up in Mont Royal in Montreal, here it is a bit more promising in finding a good cafe, the street Rue Mont Royal is more like King St in Newtown, Sydney. I visited a cafe called ArtJava, ordered a cup of latte it tasted similar to Danes or Tobby Estate coffee in Sydney, there should be a few more in these street because there was coffee aroma in the air.


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      I am headed over to Canada for three months next year. Will mostly be skiing in Big White, the nearest city is Kelowna. Looking for a source of fresh beans as I will be taking the trusty mypressi and hand grinder with me.

      What is the quality of coffee places like in Canada generally?