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  • Real And Wholesome - Kuala Lumpur

    So on my recent trip I had to find a place to serve me decent coffee in KL while I was there and I found that place.

    I was staying at the Traders hotel so it was a short buggy ride to KLCC and a walk across the road to get to this place, its not well signed but if you know what you are looking for its easy.

    This place was not busy, it had another person in there and one Barista on, I ordered a doppio straight up and got to chatting, Yirg was on offer, freshly ground through their Anfim and pulled through the wonderful Mirage, out came a wonderfully creamy shot that the Mirage delivers, delicous that I had to have another, after the second I bought some roasted beans for the remainder of the trip some Yirg he has roasted a few days prior along with my Mexican Home roast this provided me with enough coffee to survive in Phuket for 9 days through the aeropress and hand grinder.

    Oh and you cant miss the 5KG Diedrich roaster when you walk in haha.

    I had a piccolo before I left haha and said Ill be back in 10 days.

    I went back and got chatting to the owner and also the barista that was there before and another female barista, I told him about coffee in australia and the abundance of quality cafes that really care and put effort into their product and we equally discussed what KL coffee and the soon to be emerging pressence of more establishements such as RAW and Haven cafe which has a speedster.

    I got seriously cafeinited in the last 2 days I was in KL and it was really good to chat and check out their bean stash and just talk coffee.

    But I also forget to mention one thing and that is the food, they pride themselves on tasty vegeterian snacks and food to enjoy and also tea, they have aeropresses to buy and also can produce you a coffee on the aeropress if thats how you like it but who can deny a Mirage.

    So anyone who visits KL please check it out.

    Here are some photos.

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    Re: Real And Wholesome - Kuala Lumpur

    more photos, cant help it.


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      Re: Real And Wholesome - Kuala Lumpur

      Thanks for the review...headed to KL for a couple of days on my visa run next week. Luckily I booked a hotel pretty close i dont need to pack my Gaggia Factory and Sunbeam as planned lol


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        Re: Real And Wholesome - Kuala Lumpur

        I just go back to Phuket from my visa run to KL and managed a couple of visits to RAW. I was lucky enough to arrive there when owner Michael Wilson was giving a tour and coffee appreciation seminar to a group of students from the UK. Michaels passion for coffee and knowledge were obvious from the start. He went through everything from history, cultivation, harvesting, roasting and extraction. Michael is a pioneer of speciaty coffee in Malaysia.

        The coffee was very good and a joy to watch the Mirage in operation. I was even allowed to play with it. The house blend was Brazil/Sumatra Mandheling.

        This place is not easy to find as it is in the foyer of an office building with tinted windows and for some reason the landlady wont allow them to put signs outside!

        The following morining I went  to Haven which is at 12 Jalan Ampang Hilir. Raw supplies fresh coffee a barista and a speedster as part of their contract!
        I really enjoyed siting a chatting with the barista Alang who also allowed me to play with the Speedster Photo attached.

        The coffee was the same used at RAW and an enyable experience all round.


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          Re: Real And Wholesome - Kuala Lumpur

          Good to see you found it, if you did not know what you were looking for you would walk right past it.

          I did not make it to Haven but wanted to, but the coffee I had from RAW was excellent and when I next visit KL that will be my first destination after dropping my bags


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            Re: Real And Wholesome - Kuala Lumpur

            Yeh well thanks for the review...and let me know next time you are in Phuket...I may have a cafe up and running by then.