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  • Coffee in Rome

    Unlike Paris, where dishwater seems to be the standard Parisian coffee, Romes coffee by comparison is pretty good!

    They are not all going to be perfect, of course - the biggest fault is the use of stale-ish coffee beans in some places.

    But I have yet to be served one that is thin, bodyless or has pale crema.

    And its cheap: generally €0.70-€0.80 an espresso, at the counter, double-to-triple that if you want to sit down at a table.

    Cappuccinos at the counter are €1.00.

    Our breakfast the past few days has been at the S.Calisto Bar in Trastevere, where a pretty good capp and a cornetto (plain croissant) set you back €1.60.

    There are posters of AS Roma on the wall, old blokes playing cards in the seating area, but like many other cafes in Rome, they serve a pretty reasonable cup.