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  • Boston, MA, USA - Barrington Coffee

    April 2013

    While walking from the middle of the city back towards the exhibition centre I wandered past a subtle little cafe with a sign on the door that said Barrington Coffee Roasters.

    With an excited back step I wandered in to find a sparse, slightly industrial space that was a buzz with people drinking coffee.

    In a city with 3 Dunkin Donut stores per city block (seriously!) who all sell "grande jumbo waste-paper basket" sized coffees here was the inverse, a cafe that had a focus on coffee... espresso coffee at that.

    Synesso on the bench, 2 or 3 Robur grinders with well roasted contents and a great vibe in the place let me know that ordering something here was going to be low risk.

    Double espresso of their single origin of the day (Hawaiian) was one of the best coffees I've ever had in the USA (and I've been to a LOT of cafes all over the country in the last 5 years). If there is a better place in the city I certainly didn't find it.

    So... if you find yourself in Boston you need to get a coffee from:

    Barrington Coffee
    346 Congress Street
    Fort Point, Boston, MA 02210

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    Hi Andy,

    Did you try thinkingcup? They have a shop at Boston Commons Thinking Cup Boston - Location - Hours - Phone .


    P.S. And thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it is not as easy to find a good coffee in Boston (it is no Seattle)


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      OK.. off to Boston at the week end, then on to New York a week later... so any new additions to the above that i should consider ?
      Last year i definitely experienced the worst espresso ever (undrinkable) in Boston, at least i know one place to avoid !


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        OK.. report time.
        Thinking Cup was a good experience..all 3 locations visited, though very popular and busy (possibly due to the Patriots day holiday and Marathon run being on ?)
        Other locations not so pleasing ( didnt make it to Barrington's though) ..and yet again a laughable experience in one (unnamed outlet) who in response to a request for a "straight regular sized" black coffee, somehow managed to serve a 12 oz (350ml) paper cup of over sweet, coffee with "creamer" already in !!
        On querying the product, the server simply looked surprised that anyone would want coffee without sugar or creamer ! ... it was undrinkable anyway even without the additions.