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  • Santa Cruz California - Verve roasters

    These guys have 3 cafes in Santa Cruz all equipped with stradas and great baristas. House blends and so coffees are really great, they can pull a lovely shot consistently. Roasts are sold fresh, I tried some yirg and the outstanding Guatemala Santa Clara, one of best coffees I have had in a while. To date I rate them as better than blue bottle or four barrel in SF, both more about being poseurs than really good coffee by people who know. IMO.
    I will be living in SF for a few months, luckily I have an excuse to keep going back to Santa Cruz, might fit in another surf or two!

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    It's been almost 3 decades since I was out there and it's probably too late to do this before the campus is filled with people, however, with that said; Take a drive up to the University of California Santa Cruz. The college is located on top of the hills overlooking Santa Cruz which are covered with a Redwood forest. In the quiet months of the summer the grounds there were gorgeous to walk around and the woods gave sweet calm, soothing, cool relief from the hustle & bustle and heat down below. Buildings were designed to blend into the environment and seemingly merge right into their surroundings. For a stunning view head over to the (Again if it's still there.) remote parking lot between the athletic fields and the edge of the hills drop off down to the city. From the edge of the lot you have a view of untouched grass covered hills sweeping away to the north and south with the hillside dropping away laying the city snuggled in between the golden hills on one side and the golden sand beaches on the other with the Pacific stretching out into the hazy distance beyond. What an absolutely incredible sight from up there. I could site for hours and hours gazing over it and never grew tired of the view. An amazingly beautiful campus. I only hope it hasn't lost its charm in the intervening years.

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      Thanks J
      Will do.


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        I am in Santa Cruz for a conference. Being jet lagged and badly missing good coffee I made a dash to Verve Roasters in Pacific Avenue. The place seems to tick all the boxes: state-of-the-art coffee machines, grinders with automatic dosers, baristas who can tamp and steam milk... Coffee is ok and a quantum leap from what used to be the standard in America, but well, if I had coffee like that in Sydney I would not come back. Apart from coffee quality there are some slightly annoying details like no table service, which I would expect when paying US3.80.

        They sell hardware, and an Aeropress is only $30. I'll get one and a grinder. I'll walk through the red wood forests tomorrow to get to UC Santa Cruz.