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  • Madrid, Spain

    So having heard mixed results from coffee places in Eurpoe, I was a bit wary heading into Madrid for the first time. I tried a few places that weren't too bad, but nothing special and wasn't going to post anything on here.

    But then my coffee senses started tingling when I looked down a side street and spied a hole-in-the-wall place called Feliz Coffee on Calle de Lope de Vega. Was glad that the senses still work as this place was fantastic! The barista is super friendly, and he's very methodical and passionate about his craft - you can just tell when watching him at work. You can taste it too, as the coffee was wonderful and the cafe would be well at home anywhere in Melbourne (they even had some Mork hot chocolate on the shelf).

    Prices were great too, generally under 3 euros. If you find yourself in Madrid and are looking for a coffee fix, this is the place.

    As an extra spot, I'd also recommend The Fix on Calle de Luisa Fernanda (near Templo de Debod) - only went once but was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the coffee, and would have gone more often if I was staying in that area.