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  • Sutherland Shire

    Grind Espresso Bar
    6 Surf Rd
    Richard Calabro is the owner, Head Barista and passionate about coffee, serving a house blend and single origins that are roasted by the boys from Single Origin.

    The place is pretty small and queues form out the door for consistently good coffee that is the focus of this establishment.  If youre lucky enough to get a seat you can take a look at all the photos on the wall from customers who have sent in photos from all over the World featuring the "Id rather be at Grind" slogan.

    Buzz Bar
    30/31 Gerrale St
    Alan is the owner and you can usually find him standing behind his LM, watching every pour as though his life depended on it.  He serves his own blend that is roasted by Campos and has worked in the coffee industry all his life.

    Not the hype of Grind, but here you can sit down and get a pretty good meal, enjoy the ambience, and the view of Cronulla Beach that is just across the road.

    Finally, theres cuppacoffee!
    55 Princes Highway
    Sylvania NSW 2224
    If heading toward the City, were on the left hand side of the road, just before Tom Uglys Bridge.  

    You can always get a pretty good cuppacoffee there - generally the World Blend with a few single origins thrown in from time to time, that have all been roasted just a few metres away.  Chats about your coffee woes or epiphanies are always welcome and you can take home a 250gm pack of roasted coffee for $8.00.

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    Re: Sutherland Shire

    Shop 10, 1 Cronulla St
    Cronulla (in the mall, near the amphitheatre)

    Jason is the main barista and chef. Hes quite precious about his LM FB70, hes occasionally blu-taked little plastic toy soldiers all over it to deter people from leaning on it. Id be precious about it if I owned one as well!

    Id say the coffee is leaning more towards an italian style of espresso and cappuccino, with a focus on a more smokey and bitter taste, contrasted with the more sweeter coffee on offer at Grind. No skim milk on offer here; a point of pride for Kafenio.

    Great meals, especially anything with bacon.


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      Re: Sutherland Shire

      Two new places:

      HAM (Harry and Mario) in Cronulla ... cant quite remember the street name - near frangipani gelato bar ... halfway between south and north cronulla beaches along that little road that runs up to Rydges Hotel.

      Its a little trendy deli/cafe. Theyve got their own blend, not sure who roasts it. Milk drinks are decent, food looks nice.

      but my new favourite:

      Flora St, Sutherland ... from Sutho station, walk down flora st on the left side of the road. Keep an eye out, this place has minimal signage. Theres a sign with a little logo, and in big letters; Fresh Roasted Coffee

      This is run by Matt from Grind and Dom, previously of Kafenio and Paul Bassetts concept stores in Japan.

      Theyre using coffee from Mecca, until they get their own roaster up and running, which theyll roast from somewhere else, not instore.

      I had a strong flat white and a double ristretto there yesterday and it was very very good. Exceptional. I also spied a little pour-over, gold filter thingy, so this morning I went up and had some Kenyan somethingorother ... my gosh! AMAZING!

      Im really excited about White Horse! They have a blog as well:


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        Re: Sutherland Shire

        update: at White Horse today, I had an Ethiopian Sidamo in a plunger. I got faint hints of watermelon! I must have weird taste buds, Dom reckoned it was strawberries and cream.

        Next up, a single ristretto. Peanuts with a real acidic (but pleasant) punch.

        Get there if you can!


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          Re: Sutherland Shire

          55 Princes Highway
          (If heading toward the City its on the left-hand side, just before Tom Uglys Bridge)
          PH: 0404 049 812

          Nothing to speak of in the way of food, but the coffee is great! This is our award-winning coffee roastery where you can enjoy a great cuppa in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Its also a chance to be served by the person who actually roasts the coffee, which is a real rarity in the coffee scene.

          Freshly roasted coffee blends and single origins are always available, and premium quality coffee making equipment is there too, as is Dudley, our Diedrich Roaster.


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            Re: Sutherland Shire

            ooo, so thats where you are!

            Ill pop in next monday, if not, the monday after.


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              Re: Sutherland Shire

              HAM - Harry & Mario

              Ran into this place today on a Shire coffee crawl, thanks to the recommendations above.

              Just an update; HAM us a blend supplied by Paul Bassett.
              Just quietly, was one of the better espresso had in that area.

              Also hit up Grind, WHC, didnt even bother with Kafenio.

              Had an awesome PO swissgold filtered Ethipian Yirg IMV at WHC (courtesy of Mecca) - delish.


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                Re: Sutherland Shire

                Dom was showing off at White Horse yesterday...


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                  Re: Sutherland Shire

                  About 5-6 weeks ago went to Cuppacoffee, met Dennis and asked if I could watch him pour me a short black and a latte as I had recently bought an espresso machine and wanted to see how it should be done and what it looked like.
                  He invited me around the other side of the counter and proceeded to go to work.
                  The short black he poured was the first I had tasted (in my very limited coffee drinking time) that made me go WOW!!! I then understood what a lot of people here were talking about with all the different combinations of flavours you could taste.
                  The experience has really helped me on my coffee journey.
                  Thanks Dennis.
                  P.S. I really should get back there soon.
                  P.P.S. Ive been waiting to get 50 posts so that I could say this.


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                    Re: Sutherland Shire

                    Originally posted by 253E3721222F560 link=1218410280/8#8 date=1246232448
                    The short black he poured was the first I had tasted (in my very limited coffee drinking time) that made me go WOW!!!
                    "Smooth as banana custard." ;D Was that you shawty?

                    Thanks for the kind words!


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                      Re: Sutherland Shire

                      Originally posted by 6472777766646861616262070 link=1218410280/9#9 date=1246239702
                      "Smooth as banana custard." GrinWas that you shawty?
                      Cant remember what I said, I just remember thinking WOW.
                      Will get back down soon.
                      I have just bought a house and have been doing repairs in most of my spare time.
                      That is apart from the time I spend playing coffee roaster and soccer coach.


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                        Re: Sutherland Shire

                        Visited Buzz Bar and Cuppacoffee today.

                        Met Alan, hed left a very important document on one of his tables that I just couldnt resist commenting on! As he was having heat issues with his machine, was concerned with how the coffee was for me. It was still very good!

                        After a chat he strongly recommended that I go visit Dennis! ;D To which I told him I Dennis has something of mine!


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                          Re: Sutherland Shire

                          Today I visited White Horse Coffee...

                          What I want to say about my experience is...

                          The guys are passionate about their coffee, that seems obvious. However, their service towards me was lacking and I shall explain why.

                          They forgot my coffee the first time.

                          So, as an apology one of the guys brought over a small almond croissant, even though I didnt really need something else to eat, as I had already had a slice of banana bread. When I had finished the first coffee and banana bread, I went over to order another flat white to have with the croissant (good ploy there btw).

                          Not that they forgot the second coffee but both men behind the machine were too busy leaning on it talking to another customer and it wasnt till one asked if I was going to eat the croissant that I replied with "Yes, with that second cup of coffee I ordered."

                          Cmon guys...

                          If youre going to run a food service business...serve.

                          Pity this had to happen to me. Im not a harsh critic when it comes to food and drink...its service or lack thereof that really Ps me off...

                          So, at White good...service needs work. Thats my experience. Try it for yourself.

                          Look out Pablos...youre on the list tomorrow... ;D


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                            Re: Sutherland Shire

                            Originally posted by 13030F0F14013F07010C600 link=1218410280/12#12 date=1247574747
                            The guys are passionate about their coffee, that seems obvious. However, their service towards me was lacking
                            Thats a shame scoota, particularly as Dom and Matthew are so passionate about coffee.

                            Originally posted by 13030F0F14013F07010C600 link=1218410280/12#12 date=1247574747
                            When I had finished the first coffee and banana bread
                            Banana bread (or something close) two days in a row! Maybe you should start a thread, "Banana breads Ive eaten..."? ;D


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                              Re: Sutherland Shire

                              Originally posted by 4555595942576951575A360 link=1218410280/12#12 date=1247574747
                              too busy leaning on it talking to another customer
                              haha, they are quite sociable fellows, Dom & Matt. I can see that happening. Did Dom crack out his REALLY loud laugh?

                              It reminds me of one afternoon visitting Ringas (now closed) in Marsfield - Id ordered a coffee, and ended up waiting about 45 minutes for it to arrive ... a group of young, female, attractive uni students turned up and clearly took first priority. The guy eventually brought out my coffee with a sheepish smile and the profoundest of apologies.