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    Re: Sutherland Shire

    Matty, I didnt hear Dom laugh real loud when I was there...

    And so I did revisit White Horse a couple of times, so as to just let them redeem themselves...

    In fact, I was impressed that the one young guy who I presume was not Dom but had made my coffee at least twice by then, remembered I wanted a flat white and asked me if thats what I was after. Of course, I said yes thanks!

    The banana bread thread still to come...

    Then I think Ill do a thread on "Just Flat Whites"... ;D Dennis knows what Im talking about! ;D


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      Re: Sutherland Shire

      I know Im resurrecting an old thread; but I just moved to Engadine and wondered if there are any decent cafes in town.

      I went to Picasso Espresso Bar on Sunday morning expecting to give them a chance(despite the La Zumbo umbrellas out the front that I usually avoid like the plague).

      I asked whether they had a food menu and the owner* said that their "food was in the front display". As a group we were looking for breakfast, so I said "do you do any hot food? Eggs or toast?", to which I got a rather curt "No".
      I followed up (politely I think) with "Oh, no worries. I just moved to Engadine. Are there any places that do breakfast?" and I got a nasty look and a grunted "try McDonalds".
      *(I hope he was the owner, because I cant imagine an employee who treats customers that way lasting very long)

      After walking out we went around the corner to Figgies where we got breakfast with a smile, and our order taken by the lovely owner. I didnt order coffee though, because they use Vittoria, and I dont trust Al Pacino. I did taste a latte, and a long black that two others in my group had ordered. Both were less than appealing.

      All in all, a tainted morning due to my Picasso experience. They wont get another chance, and I will tell everyone I know to avoid them.

      Figgies will get more patronage for their food, and lovely service, although I may have to make my own coffee at home.

      Sorry for the long post.

      To summarise - Anyone have any cafes to recommend in Engadine? Or will I have to go all the way to CuppaCoffee and put up with Dennis sense of humour  


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        Re: Sutherland Shire

        Originally posted by 1A232929252625062B3E3E2F4A0 link=1218410280/16#16 date=1282528095
        Or will I have to go all the way to CuppaCoffee and put up with Dennis sense of humour
        Haha ;D Yes, you will have to come to me, but Im closed on Sundays.

        On Saturdays we do jaffles, and you will still have to put up with my sense of humour, but the coffee is worth it!


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          Re: Sutherland Shire

          : Oh ok... If I have to. haha

          Once I can plumb in my machine at home there will be less of an issue. Ill make sure to report back on any coffees I do try in Engadine. Just in case there is a diamond in the rough.


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            Re: Sutherland Shire

            Piccolo...go to Gymea for brekky on any given day, including Sunday and youll be sure to be satisfied with the quality of food and coffee...its a highly competitive market there in regards to cafes so all of them are doing their best. This morning we had breakfast at Cafe Naked and the coffee was pretty good (though the brand name I couldnt recall off hand atm, it certainly wasnt vittoria) drinkable and certainly better than Picasso, who I also would not bother with again either...I realise that youre after something close to Engadine but even my friends who live there agree there is no decent cafe in that suburb as yet...they live in hope (and travel to Gymea for that reason!)

            The other suggestions above are also worth visiting. Though, Im still hearing the same stories about White Horses customer service...Id have thought theyd have lifted their game by now... :


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              Re: Sutherland Shire

              In gymea best coffee ive found is a new one - Bianco Nero, corner of north st and the main road. Good baristas, choice of house blend or single origin. Havent tried the food.


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                Re: Sutherland Shire

                Ive found white horse, and I havent had any issues with their service.

                I frequent it now almost every morning for a coffee to nurse on the train into the city. Matt and Dom and Brian (look for the moustache) are all good blokes who seem to love their coffee.

                Weekends I might stop in after a ride to sample whatever origin they have going as a long black.

                Ive also tried the swiss gold filter coffee with a lighter roast, but wasnt all that impressed at the time. I think it was a guatamalen. It was ok, but not as good as some of the chemex brewed origins Ive had a tobys estate at broadway.

                They have a clover machine that seems to be (almost) working. IIRC I asked them about it a few weeks back and they said that they had a trial run on it one weekend but they broke something :-? So no clover for now.


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                  Re: Sutherland Shire

                  This week past I was in the Shire again for a visit...

                  Tried the relatively new Inc in the main drag of Cronulla, 93 Cronulla Street actually. Infact, it is just on the corner of Cronulla st and Surf Rd, so you can see it from Grind!

                  There is a La Marzocco on the bench and I cant quite remember the coffee they were using but it was certainly well made. I had my now standard long black with cream on the side which was great. Infact, I would not hesitate to say possibly better than Grind but seeing as I did not do any back to back tasting of both cafes it might be not a fair call!!

                  My girlfriends latte was delivered as ordered and she was impressed enough that she went back later in the week to have a takeaway but her only complaint was that after she ordered the guys decided to have a barista jam then and there! Seeing as she had her two kids under the age of 6 with her she wasnt too impressed and let them know she was waiting! They were apologetic and served her coffee.

                  So, if youre in Cronulla and want to give something new a go, try Inc.


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                    Re: Sutherland Shire

                    Hey Scoota, Inc use umami coffee - and agree, they make a great brew.
                    Also try 5th season down the other end near the juice bar. Cracking espresso.
                    They also have one of those bunn trifecta machines for something different, but still in the long black department.


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                      Re: Sutherland Shire

                      Shock! Grind has moved!

                      Had a quick visit to Sydney last week and decided to go and treat myself brekky at the latest cool haunt, Inc. As I walked past where Grind was, I was surprised to see it completely empty and looking like it was being demolished!

                      Inc. was as good as usual. I stopped to ask the owner/barista about the new trainee (it was a bit obvious when she had to ask where the chocolate was kept!) and he told me how hard it was to find a barista that would work anywhere but the Shire! Most only wanted to work in the city, he reckoned.

                      I also asked about where Grind had got to and was told it had moved up the lane from its original spot. Also was told that it was not able to open at its previous 5am time, rather 7am was the earliest as there had been noise complaints already.

                      So, if youre looking for Grind in Cronulla...look up the lane from where it had been and youll see all the people still crowded out the front! (seems patronage hasnt slowed, regardless of the shorter opening hours!)

                      Inc. is still worth a visit as well! I even heard another customer praising the quality of the decaf there!


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                        Re: Sutherland Shire

                        Originally posted by 382824243F2A142C2A274B0 link=1218410280/24#24 date=1339325047
                        Also was told that it was not able to open at its previous 5am time, rather 7am was the earliest as there had been noise complaints already.
                        Four complaints led to that, and it was the noise of the grinder lever that was offensive. Theyve put a rubber stop behind the lever to reduce the noise and acoustic measuring devices now show that the local budgies are far louder. So Im hoping Richard will soon be allowed to open early again and do his usual 8 - 10kg pre 7am for all regular early bird customers. Its going back to a council vote very soon.


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                          Re: Sutherland Shire

                          What only 4 complaints!? :

                          Hope that they can resolve it at the next council meeting.


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                            Will be heading down to Sutherland this weekend to visit my son who has just moved in. Any updates to this thread would be appreciated.