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    heres an old review I did a few years back on some Port Macquarie cafes. All addresses are Port Macquarie:

    Peloton Cafe - 163 Gordon St: I had a double piccolo latte. There was a nice little etch on top, with a blob of foam and lines of crema drawn into it. Tasty! My wifes white hot chocolate was pretty and tasty too. Loved the bike shop/espresso bar combo. Friendly people! Yellow La san Marco machine.

    Crema Espresso Bar - under Rydges Hotel: double piccolo latte: nice. Mild, chocolatey. Double ristretto: hmm ... I think they needed a cooling flush, it tasted a bit burnt, cup was too hot! nice people too.

    buzz cafe - in the Peachtree Arcade on Horton St: double ristretto: this place had lime green walls, and it was busy. The double ristretto was very short ... like 15mls, and sort of matched the walls (taste-wise). It was a bit citrussy, and really really yum. This was my favourite of the lot.

    Luxe - also in the Peachtree Arcade: double ristretto. This was a 70/80ml shot served in a latte glass. The glass was very hot, too hot to hold, so I had to wait for it to cool enough. I wasnt heaps impressed, but the coffee did taste fresher than 70% of places in sydney. (Side note: it took me a few days to see my first vittoria umbrella in Port Macquarie, and I only found one at Flynns Beach Surf Club.) The shot was pretty long and watery. ECM machine.

    Stunned Mullet cafe - across the road from Town Beach: double ristretto after dinner. Shorter than the shot at Luxe, but similar experience. Served in a red-hot glass (but smaller this time), a bit burnt maybe, and watery. Double Flat White (take away): ow! burnt tongue! ew! burnt milk! I drank about half and binned the rest. I wanted to like it, I really did ... this place was also expensive - $4 for a double ristretto (compared to $2.25 at buzz), and the portafilters were left on the drip tray. ECM machine.

    Common Ground - Oxley Highway, Wauchope. Opposite Timber Town: double flat white before lunch: nice, but a little on the bland side. May have been old coffee, may have been a watery shot. I had a really nice ristretto after lunch, over a game of scrabble. It was what I expected from a shot of campos coffee, not made at campos. This place is cool: we sat on the verandah, watching the rain, eating food and drinking for a couple of hours, over a game of scrabble. The place is set up for that - they have board games to use. It was a really relaxing arvo there. Boema machine.

    It seemed to be a bit of a thing to serve espresso in a duralex glass. It wasnt a huge problem at most places, but at some of the places, they would pre heat the glass, but it would be too hot to hold. Id be waiting for a few minutes for the glass to cool down, just so I could try my espresso. Preheating is great, if the cup has handles ... I got burnt figertips.

    But the bottom line is: Port Macquarie has some great places to drink coffee. It seems that the average standard is higher than sydney (partly due to the fact that its a small town when you compare the two...), and if we ever moved there, I know that I wouldnt be struggling to find a good coffee.


    note: this is a review I did from 2005, so Im sure some cafes will have closed, changed hands, or just changed. And Im sure new cafes have sprung up. If you ever go to Port Macquarie, Id recommend contacting Sean from Cafe Culture Magazine, as hes in the know about good coffee out that way.

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    Re: Mid-North Coast

    Good review Matt - Im heading there this weekend - Anyone got an update?? Whats great?


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      Re: Mid-North Coast

      Thanks Matt.
      I stopped at Port on the way back from the October long weekend spent outside Wingham but didnt have time to find a decent coffee.
      Luckily I had the Aeropress with me.


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        Re: Mid-North Coast

        Coffs Harbour..
        Number 1 spot "Piccolo Latte to go" Upstairs at the Palms Centre Coffs Harbour.. Di Bella Coffe used.. Craig and Ross Ellis run this small Island bar in a sleepy backwater that has been used to Gloria Jeans (downstairs).. spit spit spit..
        Craig is also running courses for people with home machines to help them with making a better coffee..

        Standard Disclaimers Apply "I Get my Doppio Ristrettos there" and melt away..


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          Re: Mid-North Coast

          Id like to put in a huge recommendation for Peak Coffee Roasters at Port Macquarie.  Address is:-

          Peak Coffee, 1/30 Jambali Road, Port Macquarie, 2444.

          Sean Edwards - author of The Home Coffee Machine Review - and his managers, Ben and Chris, had a stall set up at the Maitland Aroma Fest today and I sampled many of his coffees and ended up buying a bag of his freshly roasted Peak Ritual blend.  The coffees were smooth, extremely well made and required no sugar whatsoever (coming from a girl that usually has 2-3 sugars in her coffee because shes a sweet tooth!)

          Id very thoroughly recommended! I think you can only get his coffee online, but if he has a retail outlet, please let me know!